Taco Bell Drive-Through Hands Out $2,000 Instead of Food

We’ve all been there before, craving some Mexican food on a Friday, with our only option being the local Taco Bell drive-through. One lucky woman in Dayton, Ohio made a run for the border to get dinner, and then ran off with the restaurants’ dinero after the drive-through employee mistakenly handed her the morning bank deposit, which for security reasons was kept in a taco bell bag (presumably so nobody would steal it). 

The woman, who still has the bag, has not returned her happy meal, choosing to keep the two grand and buy burritos elsewhere, as opposed to returning the money in exchange for her original order. According to the Dayton Daily News, “Police are currently searching for a “college-age woman with black or brown shoulder-length hair, wearing a white T-shirt with a red sweater, zip-up jacket or sweatshirt over it.” That should narrow it down.

Taco Bell should currently be searching for a new drive-through employee, as well as some new bank deposit handling guidelines.

[Source: Dayton Daily News]

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