Hurricane Season Car Safety Tips

Summertime is a season of watermelons, lake rides, fireworks – and hurricanes. Hurricane season officially began on June 1st and will continue until November 30th. For your knowledge and safety, we have accumulated some hurricane preparations for you and your car. For more tips and information, make sure you follow our social channels.   Hurricane Car Safety 101:  In case of evacuation, make sure your car is ready to go. Before the storm warning rolls […]

How Your Driving Habits Affect Your Teen

All children inherit certain qualities from their parents. Some of these are physical traits, like the color of their eyes or how tall they will grow, but children can also inherit learned traits that they’ve been exposed to and have picked up from their parents. It may surprise you to hear that your driving habits can also be inherited by […]

Top High Tech Car Gadgets to Have This Summer

With today’s top technological advancements, there are various technological solutions to help you make your next summer drive a little bit more fun for everyone when you hit the road. Whether you’re heading in to work or gearing up for a summer road trip,  these apps could help you make your drive that much more seamless. Whether it be safety […]

Driving Position: Why it Matters

We’ve all been there-you’re driving your daily commute, or your weekly errands and you start to feel an ache spread across your shoulders, your neck, and your back. Those everyday aches you experience while you’re behind the wheel can be due in large part to your driving position. Although the type of car we drive can also be a cause […]

Holiday Driving Safety Tips

With the biggest holidays of the year right around the corner, roadways and parking lots are consistently busy throughout the biggest shopping event of the year. Thus, with everyone milling about this month, December brings about a few unique risks that could land drivers in a collision. Throughout the month, drivers are consistently hitting the roadways to accomplish their to-do […]

How to Defrost Your Car

It’s pretty much unanimous: winter is a hard time of year for everyone. Even if you enjoy the beauty of snowflakes swirling in the air, when you’re confronted with an icy car, the wintry magic fades. It’s no fun to spend an hour chipping away at the frosty exterior of your vehicle with cold hands, especially when you’re trying to […]