Best Ways to Clean Bugs Off Your Car

Driving at night can be fun. There are less drivers on the road and it’s almost peaceful…until, without warning, a giant bug smacks into your windshield. If you happen to live in a state where there is a dense population of bugs, such as Florida or Louisiana, it’s inevitable that your car will get splattered with bugs on your daily […]

Top High Tech Car Gadgets to Have This Summer

With today’s top technological advancements, there are various technological solutions to help you make your next summer drive a little bit more fun for everyone when you hit the road. Whether you’re heading in to work or gearing up for a summer road trip,  these apps could help you make your drive that much more seamless. Whether it be safety […]

How to Protect Your Car from Stale Gas During the Pandemic

With the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic taking its toll across the country, there has been a dramatic decrease in drivers on the roadways. Countless businesses are temporarily closing their doors and numerous stay at home orders are in place across America. Due to this, many of us are only hitting the road for essential purposes. In fact, according to, the […]