Teen Found Not Guilty For McRapping His Order

Utah teen Spenser Dauwalder was found not “McGuilty” after he and some of his friends were cited in October for disorderly conduct. According to an article on ChicagoTribune.com Dauwalder and his three friends were cited after rapping their order at McDonalds paying homage to a popular YouTube video, in which teens are rapping their order.

Dauwalder says that he wasn’t even the one “wrapping,” he was just driving the car, but police officers agreed that he was associated with what was happening. The citation was not because of poorly written lyrics or delivery of the rhymes, but disruption of the business and holding up the line. However, the judge found the performance not worthy of a disorderly conduct citation.

Next time you’re at McDonalds. Don’t hold up the line. You might end up in prison, or pay a huge fine. Peace.

[Source: ChicagoTribune.com]

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