Tennessee Flood is Bad for Drivers, Great for Waterskiers

The massive floods occurring in Tennessee have been horrible for residents, crippling towns all over 52 counties. While you could applaud residents for trying to have a little fun amidst all this devastation, some times its taken a little too far, like waterskiing across a flooded parking lot. 

While providing great entertainment for the crowd of onlookers, the two police officers in attendance were none-too-thrilled with the apparently illegal activity, which led to the arrests of both skier and skipper driver. Of course someone was there to YouTube it, and you have to at least applaud the two for their ingenuity.

Fortunately for all, the police did not react like the security force at a recent Phillies game, as the mixture of Tasers and water is probably not ideal for non-lethal force. Remember: Don’t try this at home, especially if the roads by your home are not covered with a foot of water.

[Source: YouTube]

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