The 10 Best Websites for Buying and Selling Used Cars

Remember the days when people who wanted to sell their car privately had to buy a newspaper listing, hang up a flyer on a bulletin board or telephone pole, or park the vehicle in an abandoned parking lot with a For Sale sign? The only thing tougher than selling a used car back then was buying one.

But in the 21st century, the Internet has fundamentally changed the way people buy and sell used vehicles in America. And there is no shortage of sites that provide these services. Here are the 10 best ones out there today.

  1. Auto Trader – Sure, it gives you a great selection of used vehicles to choose from. But it also provides video reviews, credit options, and special offers that you may not find anywhere else.
  1. CarsDirect – This user-friendly site lets you search for a used car by price and body segment, as well as by using traditional criteria. In addition, it has impressive research tools to help you put an accurate value on the vehicle you want to sell.
  1. Mojo Motors – The unique aspect to this site is its ability to let you “follow” used cars that you like and receive alerts when their prices change. Also, it doesn’t display paid car ads, so you know that the information you’re getting is unbiased.
  1. – The owner of this site is a conglomerate of newspaper publications and organizations. But what consumers like is its easy-to-use search functions to help them select the precise used car they’re looking for.
  1. Car Soup – It may be the loud, irreverent kid in the online used car market, but it offers attractive features like video test drives as well as information on used car insurance. Plus, the site also lists boats, campers, RVs, and other types of used vehicles.
  1. AutoBytel – It was one of the pioneers in Internet used car sales, and it’s still going strong today. In addition to a large selection of listings, it offers a “guaranteed purchase price” to people wanting to sell their used vehicles via the site.
  1. eBay Motors – This is probably the largest used car auction site in the world, and it contains the most diverse collection of private ads as well. This may be the best choice not only for sellers, but also for buyers who are exploring both local and national listings.
  1. Kelley Blue Book – As the nation’s most trusted name in used car valuation, KBB’s website naturally does a great job of educating users about what they should expect to pay/receive for a used vehicle. But they also have a useful interface for helping buyers find used vehicles in their area.
  1. Fast Auto Sales – This site is a favorite among thrifty used car sellers because it’s free to post a listing, and the ad will run until the vehicle is sold. As a result, people who visit the site in search of a used car have lots of choices to pick from.
  1. Yahoo! Autos – Yes, the site does a lot of different things, but it provides a pretty good portal for used cars buyers and sellers. Also, its network of TrueCar dealers touts “no-haggle, no-hassle guaranteed savings” for its buyers.

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