The 10 Cars Guys Literally Drool Over

Science has proven it: guys literally drool over cars. In a recently-released study, men were shown pictures of women, asked to imagine a date with one, then shown cars. Boom, saliva. Scientists think the salivating is tied to our mating urge: we think the cars will improve our chances of a…successful date.

Unfortunately, the researchers performing the study didn’t tell us which cars they used. But we have a few guesses.

#10) 2012 Ferrari-F70 – First off, we look at this classic of motorized seduction. OK, so it’s not the ’80s anymore, and owning a sports car is no longer an automatic sign of ladykillerhood. But even the most jaded bikini babe has to admit: this is one awesome car.

#9) Maserati Gran Turismo – Slightly more modern in styling, (because let’s face it, Ferrari is very much a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” kind of design), this vehicle still has plenty of speed and power. We’d be shocked if a Maserati wasn’t at least one of the cars drooled over. Heck, we’re drooling now.

#8) Mercedes C-Class Coupe – For the more elegant of imaginary dates, there’s the Mercedes, which has both the advantage of sheer luxury and also the absolute indestructible nature of any car manufactured by Germans. It oozes class without screaming “LOOK AT ME!” Plus it can rip down the highways right next to any six-figure supercar.

#7) Jaguar XF – The Japanese may make some of the most reliable cars, and the Americans may make some of the best muscle cars, but it’s the British who make the classiest supercars. The Jaguar XF is no exception, combining speed with some actual utility: it’s a supercar you can take to dinner or to the track.

#6) Mazda RX-8 – Speaking of the Japanese, we often associate their sports cars with terrible movies that star Vin Diesel or some actor from the CW, usually with some term like “Drift” or “Furious” or “Quick” in the title. But the Japanese turn out some truly amazing and slick sports cars, like the RX-8. Also, unlike some of the cars on this list, you might actually be able to afford it in your lifetime. (The auto insurance rates are probably pretty reasonable on it, too.)

#5) Plymouth Barracuda – You know what? Enough of the new cars. Sure, they look good. But let’s face it, some retro carmakers could turn out some vehicles that were, for lack of a better term, incredible chick magnets. The Barracuda has the distinction of having a great song named after it…at least that what we’ve been insisting, and will continue until the end of time.

#4) Dodge Charger – OK, so its association with “The Dukes of Hazzard” is, depending on your feelings about ’70s television, extremely unfortunate. But, hey, that’s not the fault of Dodge. All they did was put out one of the most awesome cars ever made. Can you fault Hollywood for clinging to that?

#3) Porsche 911 – There’s one thing you can say about Porsche: once they have a design, they refine it right to the bitter end. No matter what the year, you instantly recognize it. Also, as the boys at Top Gear have shown us, they just can’t be destroyed, no matter how old they are. Shotgun blasts, acid, sledgehammers, being driven into brick walls…no matter what it is, it will endure. Ultimately, it takes dynamite to destroy this car … or its sex appeal.

#2) Aston Martin DB – Speaking of classic and indestructible, this is pretty much the standard. It’s James Bond’s car. You just don’t get cooler than that. Unless you have…

#1) The Yugo – Gotcha.

#1) The Ford Mustang – Why? It’s the Mustang. Enough said.

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