The 10 Craziest License Plates of All Time

It’s really amazing what people will put, or try to put, on a license plate. Here, for example, are the vanity plates banned by Illinois (don’t click this at work). People have actually asked for those…and that’s just one state.

We browsed the Internet and found 10 of the strangest, most amusing, and otherwise silly vanity plates people actually have on their cars. And, yes, all of these are legit.

Obviously Sick of Questions – What we like about this one is not the somewhat tired joke on the license plate. It’s the fact that the driver had so many people ask him what his license plate was supposed to say he actually had a custom frame made to translate it. We suppose the lesson is this: try to communicate in full words, instead of text speak.

Well, Since You Put It So Nicely – Yes, that is the driver of a bright yellow Porsche. With a license plate that translates out to “Cop Bait.”

We guess NODNUT, HAHAPIG, SPEEDER, and all the other license plates that guarantee you get pulled over at least once a day by some annoyed officer were taken. Maybe this guy collects speeding tickets as a hobby?

This Is Why You Need to Design With a Dirty Mind – The state of Virginia was less than happy that somebody had taken its custom plate, used to raise money for children’s charities, and turned it into a statement of what to do if you’re trapped on an island and run out of food. Ultimately, his plate was taken away from him, although the owner notes they were polite about it (and he drove around with it for six years before they took it)…but the fight goes on to have tasteless jokes on license plates.

No. No, You’re Not. – Especially not in a Ford Windstar, you aren’t. Jedis drive Town and Country minivans. Didn’t you see any of the movies?

You’re Not Smart Enough to Keep Your Ego in Check – First of all, wouldn’t SAT1600 be more appropriate? Secondly, do you really think announcing your intelligence to the police officer who pulls you over is really such a great idea? You can’t claim not to know any better: he already knows how smart you are.

Where We’re Going – We have to wonder how many people who haven’t seen “Back to the Future” think “What a strange car to go off-roading in!”?

Get It?! Get It?! – It’s because it’s a horse!

Seriously, sir, step away from the Mustang. You’re obviously not cool enough to own one.

DMV Mystery Solved – Keep in mind, the vanity plate rules by state generally don’t say that the plate has to make sense, just that it can’t be a configuration issued by the DMV and it can’t be obscene. Nonetheless, we bet when this picture made the rounds, California DMV workers finally solved something that had been bugging them for months.

“OK, I Will” – So, what is it, exactly, with bright yellow Porsche owners desperately wanting to antagonize the police?

Self Explanatory – Really, it’s the spare tire cover that makes this one.

There are thousands of these online: what are your favorites?

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