The 10 Most Unusual Limousines

Many people hire a limousine because they want to feel exotic and exceptional when traveling to a certain event. But for those people who think that a typical black stretch limo is too stale and humdrum, we present 10 alternative limousines which are guaranteed to turn heads.

1. Ferrari Modena 360 Stretch Limo

This is for the person who has always wanted to cruise in a Ferrari with six of his closest friends. But beware: you’ll be tempted to ditch the limo driver and slide behind the wheel yourself! We can’t imagine what the total value of this baby is … or how much auto insurance on it must cost.

2. Audi R8 Limo

This is the newest addition into the nontraditional limousine family. It combines red interior seating and gull-wing doors with all of the style and pizzazz that you expect from an Audi.

3. Pink Hummer Stretch Limo

Hummer limousines have practically jumped the shark, but some versions are targeting partiers with particular tastes. This pink limo has space-age interior comforts which cater to the upscale, thrill-seeking female.

4. Mercedes “Junk” Limo

In some circles, “junk chic” is quite popular. The owner of this limousine evidently likes this type of art, so he took parts from 40 different cars and affixed them to a Mercedes-Benz 300TD Limo to produce the 3.75-ton monstrosity you see here.

5. Redneck Limo

What do you get when you cross a flatbed truck chassis, a pickup truck bed and camper shell, and several Suburban doors? The perfect vehicle to cruise dirt roads, tailgate at the NASCAR race, or make a quick run to the 7-11 for smokes and moon pies.

6. Monster Truck Limo

This is what happens when you pump a Ford F350 full of steroids. It’s arguably the tallest limousine in the world at 11 feet high, so it could conceivably drive over a traffic jam to get you to your destination.

7. Tank Limo

This vehicle could literally crush its competition, (although its weaponry has been removed, so blasting through traffic is not an option). The tank’s military interior has been stripped out and replaced with a bar, refrigerator, and DVD player – along with seating for eight plus a trio of operators.

8. Boeing 727 Limo
If you can’t rent a party plane, then this is the next best thing! This massive (but wingless) vehicle seats up to 50 people and features a dance floor, fireplace, fog machine, ceiling mirrors, and bed, in addition to the standard limo accoutrements.

9. Stretch Harley Limo

Who needs a moon roof when you have a motorcycle? This 1998 Harley Davidson has been lengthened to seat seven “Harley Honeys” instead of just one – so you can bring the whole party with you to the biker bar.

10. World’s Longest Limo

The Guinness Book of World Records measured this limousine at an even 100 feet in length! It comes equipped with a swimming pool and spa, sun deck, king-sized bed, and a helipad (yes, a helipad) – but it may be a bit difficult to parallel park.

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