The 15 Weirdest Local Laws (Read These Before Your Next Road Trip)


Ah, summer. It’s the season for relaxing, enjoying the outdoors, maybe working in your yard … What’s that? ROAD TRIP! Yeah, baby!

There’s nothing like packing up the car and hitting the open road under a bright sun without a care in the world. However, you should be aware that across the 50 states, there are some weird driving laws that could trip you up if you don’t know about them beforehand.

So let’s look at the 15 strangest driving laws that you might encounter if you were to take a road trip from the northeast all the way to California.

  1. If you begin your trip in South Berwick, Maine but want to start the morning with some glazed doughnuts, take heed. Parking in front of the Dunkin Donuts in that town is illegal.
  1. Later on, if you want to stock up on brewskies for the night, be sure to do so after you leave Scituate, Rhode Island. That’s because while you’re in that town, you can’t have a beer in your car — even if it is unopened.
  1. Once you enter the Big Apple, be patient while sitting at a stoplight. Turning right on a red light is not permitted in New York City.
  1. After crossing into the Garden State, it’s time to fill up your tank! But don’t waste time looking for a self-serve gas station in New Jersey, because it’s unlawful to pump your own gas there. Just fuggetaboutit!
  1. If you head west and watch your odometer, you can probably make the 370 miles to Youngstown, Ohio on a single tank. Just be sure not to run out of gas in Youngstown — that’s illegal.
  1. While in the Buckeye State, you many want to visit the historic town square in Oxford. Just don’t get crazy and drive around the square a hundred times, because there’s a law prohibiting that (but 99 times is OK!).
  1. Now, head south for the Appalachian Mountains, and don’t stop to rest until you reach Dunn, North Carolina. Speaking of rest, you can’t drive through places where people have been laid to their eternal rest. Unless you’re digging a grave or burying someone, driving through a Dunn cemetery is against the law.
  1. As you head for the beach, be sure to clean out all of the garbage that has accumulated in your car before you reach Hilton Head, South Carolina, where you can be ticketed for storing trash in your vehicle.
  1. Drive through Atlanta and then explore the Georgia city of Marietta. If you happen to get a bug in your mouth, don’t spit it out while you’re driving. Spitting out of a moving car is unlawful in Marietta — but not from a truck that is moving. (Go figure!)
  1. Time for another trip to the beach, this time in Galveston, Texas along the Gulf Coast. But if you happen to reach Galveston on a Sunday, remember that driving your car down Broadway is banned throughout the morning hours.
  1. Then take Interstate 45 through Houston and then into Dallas, continuing on into the northern suburb of Richardson. But if you miss the turn to your hotel, you’ll have to circle back to it. U-turning is not permitted in the city of Richardson.
  1. On to the heartland, where you’ll enjoy Midwestern charm in Derby, Kansas. Just don’t act like you’re running in a street derby, because if you screech your tires, you could get a ticket from the local cops.
  1. The great Southwest beckons, along with the saguaro cacti in and around Phoenix, Arizona. But if you venture into the western suburb of Glendale, keep moving forward. That’s because you can be busted by police for driving in reverse in Glendale.
  1. Interstate 10 is the home stretch of your road trip. It’ll lead you into the greater Los Angeles area, but if you detour through the northeast suburb of Arcadia, be sure to watch out for peacocks. If you don’t yield to them — you guessed it — you’ll get a ticket.
  1. Finally, as you drive throughout the Golden State, be sure to keep your speed up. California police can pull you over for driving too slowly on any roadway.

Happy trails!

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