The 5 Best Car-Related Super Bowl Commercials of All Time

It’s Super Bowl time again, and you know what that means… a great football game awesome commercials!

Unfortunately, most of the memorable ads shill products like beer, soft drinks, and snacks. And most of the car commercials which air during the big game are your typical car-driving-on-winding-road spots — in other words… BOR-ing!

Thankfully, there have been a few Super Bowl TV commercials involving cars over the years which have bucked that trend — and have actually produced some unforgettable ads! Here are five of them.

1. Ad: “Punch Dub Days”

Automaker: Volkswagen

Year: 2010

Punch Dub Days

You remember that game that you played as a kid, when you used to punch your brother/sister/friend/parent on the arm every time you saw a Volkswagen Beetle? This commercial tried to revive that trend by portraying people punching each other whenever any one of VW’s new models passed by. But in this spot, the final punch is the best one.

2. Ad: “The Chase”

Automaker: Audi

Year: 2009

The Chase

Though their looks have evolved over the years, car chases in movies have always been a crowd favorite (although, probably not a favorite of the auto insurance industry). So who better than Jason Statham, star of the “Transporter” films, to appear in a TV ad driving different Audi models in car chases through various time periods. Of course, many Statham fans were so mesmerized that they had no idea what product he was promoting.

3. Ad: “The Godfather”

Automaker: Audi

Year: 2008

The Godfather

Like many fantastic TV commercials, this one spoofs a famous movie scene in order to make its point. In the tradition of “The Godfather,” an old man wakes up in his fancy bed to learn that he’s not alone in it. But instead of finding a horse’s head under the covers, he discovers the grille of a Rolls Royce. The idea was to tout Audi as putting “old luxury” on notice – but many viewers were too busy laughing to pick up on that theme.


4. Ad: “Grand Theft Coke”

Automaker Company: Coca-Cola

Year: 2007

Grand Theft Coke

No, this ad doesn’t promote a car company, but it is very much car-related. Coca-Cola created a commercial which revolves around a character that resembled the hero in the popular video game “Grand Theft Auto.” But instead of creating mayhem, the Coke-drinking protagonist effortlessly makes the world better — and also manages to choreograph a fabulous closing dance number.

5. Ad: “Pigeons”

Automaker: Nissan

Year: 1997



This spot might be the most clever of them all — pitting a new Nissan Maxima against those scourges of the skies. Except the pigeons are well-organized and swoop down in military formation to befoul the world below them (and aided by a catchy “Top Gun” soundtrack). The pigeon leader — voiced by “Cheers'” John Ratzenberger — steals the show by meeting a horrifying, yet satisfying, demise.

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