The 5 Best Insurance Directories On the Web

Finding insurance can be difficult, no matter what kind you’re looking for – from auto insurance to life insurance. That’s where registries come in; they can help you find the best insurance company and agent, no matter what you’re looking for. Here are five of our favorites.

Insurance States –

Why We Love It: What makes this site unique is the state breakdown: you just click on your state on the front page of the site and it takes you to a comprehensive, alphabetical list of insurance agencies in that state. There’s no muss, no ads that sit between you and the agent you need, and no ridiculous graphics that demand your attention or force you to scroll through complicated menus. You just choose the state you live in and you immediately get a list of agencies with a brief description of what they do, their website, and the location of their central office. For insurance hunters in a rush or those looking for a quick list of companies to call, it’s perfect, and we often recommend it to customers in a big hurry.

LookInsurance –

Why We Love It: If you want to look by state with LookInsurance, that’s a simple process right on the homepage. But equally as quick is to use the convenient breakout they have located right below their state-by-state listings. If you need a specific state or a specific category, this will serve as a speedy reference tool. We find it’s especially useful for folks who can’t seem to find an agent in their area.

Insurance Agent Reference –

Why We Love It: If you want your search to be a little more detailed, but still want it to be quick, Insurance Agent Reference is ideal. You select your state, then your town, and it gives you a detailed list of agencies, their websites and contact information, and will even order the agencies by the most popular, the most convenient location, and, of course, by alphabetical order. It’s a quick sort useful for those on the go.

Directory Insurance –

Why We Love It: For people who want to take their time and look at all their options, Directory Insurance offers the best and most detailed search we’ve found. On the homepage of the site alone, the most popular categories are broken out in a simple-to-use list across all types of insurance. As you dig in, it offers you lots of options to sort your search. Or, if you know exactly what you’re looking for, you can use their quick and effective search bar right on the homepage. It’s one of the most comprehensive and easy to use databases we’ve found.

Internet Insurance Directory –

Why We Love It: For those who really want a step-by-step process that’s simple to follow, this is ideal. Go by state, then by type, and it will bring you directly to a list of insurers broken out by what services they offer. We find this site is especially easy to use for older customers and those who may be new to or uncomfortable with the Internet.

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