The 5 Coolest Backseat Add-Ons

Remember when you were a kid, and you were stuck in the backseat? Boring, right? It’s not much more fun as an adult. Either you’re back there with kids, or you’re stuck with whatever the driver wants to listen to on the radio, and whatever temperature he or she wants to keep the car.

Or you were. The backseat has gotten fancy with newer model cars, and you may not notice at first just how much. Here are five of our favorite backseat add-ons.

1. Backseat Temperature Controls

Adjusting the temperature so that everybody in the car is comfortable is a pain. Somebody’s always too warm or too cold. True, separate “zones” in the front seat help, but it’s harder to control in the back, as there are fewer vents.

Modern day cars, though, offer better temperature control than ever. For example, this luxury system weaves ducting through each seat, so air at the precise temperature can be warmed or cooled to your exact desires and flowed through it, without having to listen to a blasting vent. It beats cracking a window, that’s for sure.

2. Massage Seats

If you want to see the lap of luxury, here’s a short video:

Yes, while you’re riding around in your luxury vehicle, such as the Ghost, you’ll find that the seats will actually give you a massage. It’s a lot like the massage chairs you find in Brookstone or other gadget places in the mall: motors and ball bearings rub pressure points, relaxing you.

Needless to say, it’s a lot more complex and relaxing than those bead seats everybody was using back in the ’90s. And the front seat doesn’t have to be left out: climate-controlled massage chairs can be installed in the entire cabin of the Ghost. That’s riding in style.

3. A Fridge

Yes, a fridge comes fairly standard, or at least as an option, in high-end sedan backseats these days. They won’t call it a fridge, of course: they’ll call it a “coolbox,” or a “cooling center backseat console.” This is, presumably, to discourage people from thinking they should put alcoholic drinks in it, or because they think the word “refrigerator” is just so terribly plebian.

Don’t worry, guys. No beer. Just lunch. And maybe a few sodas. And maybe a few ice cubes, to see how long it takes them to melt.

4. Wireless Access

Cars are increasingly wireless these days. True, luxury cars offer built WLAN routers, but even cars for the everyday American are increasingly wireless. For example, Ford’s SYNC system pairs with your cellphone over Bluetooth to turn it into a hotspot. Or you can plug in your own USB modem, and create your own wireless access point.

True, it’s not as fast as the wireless at Starbucks, and it’s a lot like your cellphone: you have a data plan and if you go over, it’ll cost you. But it’s nice to know that if you’re in the backseat while carpooling, and you get stuck in traffic, you can still get some work done.

5. Workout Chairs

Yes, they have them. The Cadillac Escalade, for example, can have a gym bike installed as an after-market add-on.

You know, so you can work out on your way to the gym, go to the gym, and then work out on your way back. Or you could just walk to the gym, we guess, but where’s the fun in that?

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