The 5 Coolest Car Washes in the U.S.

Have you ever found yourself feeling bored at the car wash? Just sitting there waiting for your car to be cleaned with nothing to do? Don’t scold yourself for being impatient – you may just be at the wrong place.


Car wash establishments are starting to add more customer-friendly services to increase their business. Here are five of the most innovative car washes in the U.S.

1. NASCAR Car Wash

Romeoville, IL

If speed is your passion (or at least your number one factor in choosing a car wash), you’ll probably appreciate this NASCAR-themed car wash. But if you don’t live near Romeoville, fret not – the owner plans to franchise the concept nationally to some 30 to 50 business owners in each of 28 designated regional territories over the next five years. Each location will set a goal of cleaning 10,000 vehicles per month; plus, there will probably be some officially-licensed merchandise available for sale for the NASCAR fan.

2. H&H Car Wash & Coffee Shop

El Paso, TX

If you cringe when you think of the taste of the free coffee you’re offered at many car washes, then this is the type of vehicle cleaning experience you’re looking for. The people of H&H make a pretty mean cup o’ joe, and they also serve up some tasty vittles to go with it. In fact, this establishment has earned a reputation for authentic and cheap Tex-Mex food – from huevos rancheros to carne picada. And you can enjoy it all in a classic sixties-era atmosphere, then pay your tab and retrieve your squeaky clean vehicle.

3. Monster Car Wash Bar & Grill

Edinburg, TX

This retailer in the hill country of Texas offers the best of both worlds. If you want to get in and out in a hurry, the folks at Monster will clean your car from stem to stern in five minutes. But if you have a little more time in your schedule (or a big appetite or thirst), then you have the option of sitting down and tearing into a burger, basket of wings, burrito, or even a plate of sushi. They have ice cold beer, margaritas, and a full bar as well if you want to make an evening of it. Monster even features live music on selected nights – making this car wash the hottest spot in town.

4. Hugh and Jeff’s Car Wash & Grill

League City, TX

Cars must get really dirty in the Lone Star State, because there’s plenty of unique options for getting them washed and waxed. Like at Hugh and Jeff’s, which is located between Houston and Galveston, where you can get a bite to eat and chill out by the HD TV. But you can also get some work done on your computer courtesy of the place’s free Wi-Fi, or you can pass the time by playing pool. Finally, they also entertain customers with live music on Saturday nights.

5. Dr. Gleem Car Wash

Houston, TX

Think of Dr. Gleem as the versatile amusement park of car washes. In addition to the full menu of car cleaning services, the shop has an auto repair bay where you can get an oil change, minor repairs, and even a state inspection. You can satisfy your taste buds anytime of day at the car wash’s Facundo’s CafĂ© for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. You can even get a trim or a coloring at Dr. Gleem’s in-house salon. Talk about one-stop shopping.

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