The 5 Craziest Intersections In the World

We all insist that a group of people are “the worst drivers.” Boston drivers are infamously terrible in New England. Los Angelenos make fun of San Franciscans, and vice versa. But, in truth, Americans have it easy: we’ve got traffic lights, road signs, and enforcement if it comes down to it. The rest of the world? Not so lucky, as these five videos show.

#5) See, This Is Why We All Drive Cars

This intersection in Cambodia isn’t as bad as others on the list: at least no one wrecks or otherwise gets in trouble in this video. Still, the sheer volume of traffic, and the fact that it’s a mixture of cars and motorbikes, really emphasizes the importance of common courtesy. Especially since there are no signs, traffic signals, or any other indications of what to do. That might be part of the problem.

#4) Is Aleppo the Lost Marx Brother?

We’re genuinely uncertain as to whether this intersection, in which two major roads cross and snarl traffic, just came about because of bureaucratic incompetence or if somebody in the city planning department decided he was going to be funny. If it’s the latter, that’s just cruel. Although, we must say, the pedestrian who just walks across like it’s no big deal has to be the bravest man in any of these videos we’ve seen. Keep on keeping on, you gutsy, gutsy man.

#3) Just Driving in India Is an Adventure

You know when a video description says “the rules are very different here” that this is just not going to end well, and indeed it doesn’t. In fact, we’re pretty sure the “rules” in question apply almost entirely to U-turns, and demand that Indian drivers make U-turns as often as possible, as quickly as possible, and with as little regard to the rest of traffic as possible. No wonder they like mopeds: if you crash, they’re not going fast enough to seriously hurt you!

#2) So You Could Say They Were…Shanghaied?

China is, of course, a very special country with very…quirky ways of handling traffic. What gets us the most in this video isn’t the fact that the traffic is terrible, it’s the fact that every single motorist and pedestrian pitches in to make it as frustrating and difficult as possible to get through. Quick, pull into the middle and stop! You, run in front of the cars just about to drive forward to get across the street! Everybody, absolutely refuse to use your turn signal!

#1) There’s No Glory on Glory Avenue

The city here is St. Petersburg, and the road in question is Prospekt Slavy; which roughly translates to “Glory Avenue.” It’s a major road in the St. Petersburg area, and as such, people drive through it, sometimes too quickly for their own good…especially since, this being Russia, there’s plenty of ice on the ground. Not to mention the complete and total lack of traffic lights. None of these crashes were fatal, fortunately, but you might want to take a look at the time code in the upper left hand corner. That’s right…this is just three months’ worth of crashes. That’s how dangerous this road is.

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