The 5 Craziest Parking Lot Traffic Jams

Parking: it seems so simple. You pull in, you get out, you run your errands, you come back, you pull out, you go home.

Ah, but when space is at a premium, it can make parking an exercise in motionless road rage (and a nightmare for auto insurance companies). Here are five of the best parking lot snafus on the Internet.

#5) This Is Why You Don’t Wait For Somebody To Pull Out of a Space

What we like about this disaster is that it illustrates how frustrating parking is for the rest of us once Waiting Guy shows up.

We all know Waiting Guy. Waiting Guy sees somebody getting into their car at a space and stops. He flicks on his turn signal. And he waits. He has the patience of a thousand men, waiting and waiting and waiting. Nothing, not the angry screams of fellow drivers, nor the cacophony of their horns, will keep Waiting Guy from getting the space he has chosen.

Meanwhile, five spaces have opened up ahead of him, which other drivers could get, if he’d just move.

#4) Horses Are Popular, What Can We Say?

We feel bad for the folks in this seven-minute video, who just wanted to see some horse racing at the Belmont Stakes. Instead, they got to see traffic not move in a parking lot far too small for the event. For four … straight … hours.

Apparently it’s like this every year: you’d think they’d have worked on that by now. Maybe they think cars are like horses and need stables?

#3) They Still Haven’t Found What They’re Looking for

This video demonstrates one of the worst failures of a parking lot: the deliberate bottlenecks designed to get in and out.

Parking lots have a limit to how much traffic they can take, so they’re designed to make it difficult for people to just drive around them willy-nilly. The best way to do that is to control the entrances and exits by making them narrow.

Unfortunately, when you have an enormous lot and a lot of users, the flaws in this approach become obvious pretty quickly.

#2) And Then Some People Are Just Rude

We’re not really sure what to say to this except … you really couldn’t find another space? At all? There wasn’t a parking lot five minutes away on foot? You had to block in five or six cars because you were too lazy to walk? Really?

#1) Fortunately, This Guy Is Here to Stop Them

Sometimes, when people are rude, well, you’ve just got to take the situation into your own hands.

No, we don’t mean punching them, as satisfying as that may temporarily be: then you have to explain to the police why you’re hitting a total stranger.

On the other hand, pushing somebody’s car back a bit just to give you a little space to pull out? That you’re more than justified in doing. And really, if you have to push it back … well, they’re the one that put you in this position, aren’t they?

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