The 5 Craziest Police Car Snafus

Our police officers are a proud, wonderful part of our national fabric. But they’re men, not gods, and like everybody else, they make mistakes while driving (to which car insurance companies can attest). Thankfully, we have it all on video for comedic purposes. Here are five videos of the police proving that serving the public trust is a lot harder than it looks behind the wheel.

#1) Well, He Got Halfway Up

Police are as prone to equipment failures as anybody else, and that includes their cars. This guy didn’t intentionally drive straight up a telephone pole, of course: his car had a mechanical failure and, well, you can see the results for yourself.

Actually, the officer in question lucked out: if he’d been going faster, the car might have wrapped around the pole, putting him in considerably more danger, and possibly turning this from a comedy into a tragedy.

#2) Sometimes, It Really Is the Other Guy’s Fault

This is a video that proves the old adage that a stitch in time saves you from having to deal with a massive fine, an arrest, and the general mocking of the population. The officer in this video, not unreasonably, thought that by having his car parked across a lane with bright flashing lights spinning, that other drivers would see his vehicle and pull into another lane.

Sadly, though, he was wrong.

#3) Get Out Of The Way!

This officer was trying to catch up with a speeder. In this case, speeding injures. The problem is simply that your reaction time is reduced when you speed, and not everybody has the good sense to get out of the way of the nice officer.

Hence, collision, roll, ditch, etc. On the bright side, nobody involved was seriously hurt, although the speeder obviously got away with it.


#4) Bing, Bang, Boom

Speaking of collisions, here’s an officer trying to get to the scene of the crime who discovers the hard way that while he may enforce the law, the laws of physics are enforced by a higher authority.

This is, by the way, one of the reasons dash cameras have become so common: they provide the officer and the department with a full, detailed record of how the officer is driving and how accidents happen. And the rest of us with funny YouTube videos. We’re assuming that his brother officers are all professional, and don’t laugh in the situation room reviewing the video. Well, loudly, anyway.

#5) Stealing a Cop Car: Not a Good Idea

Finally, we have this video, which proves that no matter who you are, no matter how well trained, no matter how experienced, eventually something is going to go wrong and your car will get stolen.

Well, probably not your car. On the other hand, during this roadside discussion, the suspect gets angry, subdues the officer, and literally steals his car for a joyride before crashing it.

We’re just curious…how did the paperwork on that one get filed?

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