The 5 Greatest Used Car Deals Ever

eBay is a wonderful thing for gearheads. Barn relics, warehoused vehicles, and other finds are instantly online and available for perusing. Generally, these are weekend projects, but occasionally, you find some surprises.

#5) 1976 Lancia Beta Coupe


Selling Price: $2750

Cost Normally: $6000

Far be it from us to make fun of the everyday Italian car, even if we do crack up every time the word “Fiat” is mentioned. Still, the Beta Coupe was surprisingly reliable, but hard to find in good shape, and less than half of what you’d normally pay is a pretty good deal.

Of course, you’ll still be driving an Italian car, so, that’s a bit of a drawback.

#4) 1970 Jaguar XK-E


Selling Price: $18,000

Cost Normally: $36,000, at least.

Here’s the problem with the Jaguar XK-E: finding one with a good body is difficult, and finding one with a drive train and engine in decent shape is pretty much impossible. Getting car insurance for it is no easy task, either. Oh, and there’s also the matter of actually finding one, especially in the U.S. And, yet, 26 years ago, this beauty was driven onto the lot, parked indoors, and was left there to be picked up by some lucky seller. Hail Britannia!

#3) 1971 Mercedes Convertible


Selling Price: Lower Than You Think

Normally: $20,000 to $30,000

How much would you pay for a vintage 1971 Mercedes hardtop convertible, all original, with low mileage. Would you pay $20,000? $2000?

How about $200?

Apparently this seller just wanted to get rid of this car, as it was taking up space, and relied on eBay to drive up the price. Big mistake.

Sometimes, it’s really better to just set your price fairly when you’re selling online. But then again, you just wouldn’t get great deals like this if people were careful.

#2) 1957 Chevrolet Corvette


Selling Price: $59,600

Cost Normally: $80,000

Why does this rank so high on the list, when it’s way less of a deal than some of the others?

Because it’s completely original.

Yes, that is not a restoration, not a replica, not a “mostly cherry” car. This is the real deal, all original parts, 1957 Chevy Corvette.

Apparently it was left in a warehouse in the 1970s with a cover over it and then completely abandoned for more than 30 years. So basically, you can get a 50-year-old car in lightly-used condition for less than you can get a restored junker. Aren’t warehouses wonderful?

#1) 1964 Triumph TR3


Selling Price: $2000

Cost Normally: $10,000 at least

Triumph didn’t sell many cars over here in the US. To be fair, they didn’t exactly sell a lot of cars at all towards the end, which is why they became a subsidiary of BMW. But they did manage to move this roadster, which is highly prized by collectors…and difficult to find in the US. So for this one, complete with fine body work and working engine, $2000 is a steal, and we envy the lucky guy who got it.

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