The 5 Most Beautiful Cars Ever Made

Industrial design doesn’t often get its due as a work of art, but it requires the eyes and hands of a sculptor as much as it does the brain of a scientist. Melding form and function is hard job, but these five cars pull it off exquisitely. Here are the five vehicles widely recognized as being the most physically attractive… va va va voom!

1954-1957 Mercedes 300SL Gullwing 

Mercedes is noted for luxury, style and power, and it’s had that reputation for a long, long time. But nowhere has it come together quite like the 1954-1957 300SL.

Luxury came in the fact that it was a notably smoother ride than other cars at the time. Power? It was, pure and simple, the fastest production car available for years. If you were a speed demon, you drove the 300SL. And style? It’s not just the gullwing doors, it’s the smooth, aerodynamic shape with just the right accents. This is a car that could be a sculpture…and was so influential that for their 2012 models, Mercedes brought the gull-wing doors back.


Talbot-Lago 1938 Figoni Et Falaschi Coupe 

When they say "they don’t make them like they used to," this is usually the car they’re thinking of. It’s a unique product that could only come out of Europe before World War II.

This requires some explanation. In France, especially in the 1930s, the car manufacturer handled the motor, the chassis, and all that, but the body was handed off to a coachbuilder. In fact, it was common in Europe to commission the technology of a car, but have somebody completely different style the actual body of the car.

The results ranged from the interesting to the bizarre. But this car, with engine by Talbot-Lago and body by esteemed coachbuilders Figoni Et Falaschi, is inarguably the most beautiful and influential, with its design resonating for years…even influencing another car on this list.


1974 Lamborghini Countach 

When you say the word "supercar" to the man on the street, it’s likely that the Countach is the first car he thinks of. He may not know it’s a Lamborghini. He may not know the model name. But he remembers the styling and the look, something that has incredible influence on supercar design right up to the present day. Just look at the 2012 Lamborghini Aventador, or the 2012 Ferrari F70; even nearly 40 years later, they take their lines and design cues straight from this stunning car.


1963 Chevy Sting Ray 

Now, it’s called the Corvette, and it’s still an attractive car. But nothing in American muscle car history has quite rivaled the looks of the Sting Ray. For us, what makes the ’63 stand out is the distinctive split windshield, giving the unique teardrop shape just a little bit more edge and matching the distinctive look of the hood. Sure, the vents on the hood are purely decorative, but who cares when the car has this much style?


1957-1963 Lotus Elite 

The Lotus Elite was a unique car both outside and inside: the beautiful design you see is actually a fiberglass monocoque, meaning that the chassis and body were one unit taking the load instead of two separate designs. This also meant the Elite could get gas mileage we’d be jealous of today: 35mpg on a four-cylinder, 75hp engine. True, it had its engineering problems, especially the early models – it was a car insurance nightmare — but by 1962, those had largely been resolved, making it a beautiful car both inside and out.


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