The 5 Most Dangerous Intersections in Fort Wayne, Indiana

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January 5, 2021

Every year, hundreds of drivers lose their lives in collisions on Indiana’s roads and highways. There are over 700 fatalities a year and countless others who suffer injuries, wage loss, and trauma after an accident.

If you’re concerned about vehicle transportation safety in Fort Wayne, Indiana, you can help protect yourself by knowing where the locations of dangerous roadways and intersections are throughout the city.

Fort Wayne, Indiana

Where are the most dangerous intersections in Fort Wayne?

Spread the word and help drivers mitigate the risk associated with driving through areas known to have a high rate of crashes. The Northeast Indiana Regional Coordinating Council analyzed traffic accident data and reported on Fort Wayne, IN’s most dangerous intersections.

If you’re wondering if Fort Wayne Indiana safe to drive in, the answer is generally yes, if you follow the laws and regulations put in place to regulate traffic.

You may also want to proceed with caution when navigating the following two intersections known to experience a high rate of crashes in the area:

A safe driver is an aware driver

No matter where your destination lies, staying alert when behind the wheel is crucial to the safety of everyone in your vehicle. When you come across an intersection or roadway you’re unfamiliar with when driving in Fort Wayne, Indiana, use these defensive driving tips to ensure you reach your destination safely.

1. Silence your cell – Turn your phone notifications off before you start to drive. Consider turning the radio down and quieting any loud passengers so you can focus as you cross through the intersection.

2. Double check – Watch the flow of traffic carefully, scanning the intersection for stray vehicles, pedestrians, or other hazards on approach. It’s a good idea to look more than once because things can change in the blink of an eye on the road.

3. Slow your speed – Never speed through an intersection. Instead, monitor your speed carefully and maintain a steady pace, giving yourself plenty of time to react and slow down or stop should the need arise.

The bottom line.

As drivers, we all share the responsibility to keep each other safe while on the road. Distracted driving is a danger to everyone on our roadways and can increase the chance of an accident, especially at intersections that have low or obscured visibility and history of collisions. We hope these tips help you stay safe the next time you hit Fort Wayne’s roads.

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