The 5 Most Expensive Rental Cars

Think you’ve got high rental car bills? You’d be surprised how much some people are willing to pay to impress. And in some cases, to save a lot of money (at least compared to buying the car).

#5) Lamborghini Gallardo

Cost: $180,000 and up depending on options.

Rent Per Day: $1600

Yes, for just the cost of a really good laptop, or a year or so of auto insurance premiums if you’re an excellent driver, you too can whip around the streets in a Lamborghini. Surprisingly, the Gallardo is the “budget” option out of the cars on this list: even the other Lamborghini we found is more expensive.

#4) Ferrari F450

Cost: $190,000 before options

Rent Per Day: $1675

Ferraris are, of course, the car of choice for people who love sports cars. And, needless to say, they cost a fortune. After all, Ferrari has to pay for all of that aerodynamic engineering and materials science somehow.

This rental doesn’t include any coverage for getting clobbered with a huge speeding ticket for going 165 in a 65, so consider that before forking over nearly $1700.

#3) Lamborghini Murcielago

Cost: $180,000 to $250,000 before options.

Rent Per Day: $2250

The Murcielago is, of course, the stereotypical sports car for the idle rich. Back in the ’80s, whenever you needed to establish some blonde guy was a bit of a jerk (or the hero we were all supposed to admire), he’d drive by a bunch of women in bikinis and Farrah hair and tip down his shades.

And now, you too can experience that feeling for only the cost of a decent used car!

#2) Rolls Royce Drophead Phantom Coupe

Cost: $450,000 before options.

Rent Per Day: $3500

The Rolls Royce Phantom is, of course, the luxury car that defines all luxury cars. If you want one, you’ll pay six figures and you’ll probably be stuck on a waiting list. So it makes a lot more sense to rent it. You might be wondering who shells out that much money to rent a car; the short answer is major businesses. Generally, this is the equivalent of a luxury limo, and if they’ve got somebody they need to impress, the $3,500 is worth it. Especially since it’s a convertible: because really, who isn’t impressed by a convertible?

#1) Bugatti Veyron

Cost: $1.3 million before options

Rent Per Day: $40,000

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest production vehicles available, and it has a price to match: a cool $1.3 million per vehicle. But if you really want to just drive it around for one day — and let’s face it, that’s all most of us ever really want to do with it — you can rent it for $40,000. But there’s a 50 mile cap on how far you can take it, for obvious reasons, and just to give them $40,000 to drive it for a short time, you’ll need to put down a $300,000 deposit.

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