The 5 Strangest Auto Insurance Claims


Car accidents happen to all of us. Thankfully we have car insurance. Even if it’s just a fender-bender, you still need to file an insurance report and hope your car insurer accepts the evidence and pays for the repair. Of course, some cases require a bit more convincing than others. For example:

#1) The Vandalism Caused by a 3-Year-Old

In South Yorkshire, England, someone was going around defacing cars. But instead of profanity or fan notes to bad music groups, the vandalism was a bit…different. That’s because the vandal was barely out of diapers.

The child, whose name was kept out of the public record, went on a vandalizing “spree” that included car damage. He managed to stay out of police clutches until they figured out that whomever was drawing smiley faces on the door panel probably wasn’t a teenager.

Fortunately for the car owners, this case was publicized enough in South Yorkshire that the insurers believed their claims. We’re not sure, though, what this says about the day care providers in South Yorkshire.

#2) Car Kicked By Camel

A gardener, also in England, was visiting his local plant nursery to buy some flowers, and didn’t notice that there was a circus nearby. That was until he came out to a broken window and a sheepish camel owner standing nearby.

Needless to say, his insurer took a bit of a skeptical view of the idea that a dromedary had somehow turned up in the middle of England and broken his window. Fortunately for him, a news crew was covering the circus and had video of the camel in the act. He got a new window and we’re assuming the camel got a stern talking to.

#3) Carrots 1, Cars 0

We’ve all heard about cars spinning out on the road. When it happens, it’s incredibly dangerous, but often the driver can correct the spin or at least putter off none the worse for the wear. Of course, this usually happens during the winter when the road is covered in ice, not on a clear, sunny, warm spring day.

Then again, most people don’t drive by a massive pile of rotting carrots.

Yes, your mother was wrong, and vegetables can be very bad for your health. The carrots were being left to decompose into the soil. Unfortunately, they got wet, and the resulting noxious carrot juice leaked onto the road, making it slippery. We suppose it could be worse: the driver could have had a V8.

#4) At Least They Didn’t Have to Pay Out For the Crash

Many insurance claims are not for accidents per se, but from problems caused by accidents, such as a piece of debris cracking a windshield. Of course, these are usually cosmetic repairs. But that wasn’t the case for the man who filed a claim for a new windshield after a Harrier jet crashed near his car, completely melting the windshield.

Yes, we said “melted.” For the record, Harrier jets cost $30 million: no word on who provides their collision insurance.

#5) Not The Kind of Streaking We Meant

And, finally, since cars so often hurt people, we can’t help but report a story of a person hurting a car. One claim reported that a man had run on top of a car in the middle of the road, over the windshield, across the roof, down the back and off into the dark. That’s impressive in and of itself, especially considering that he managed to dent the roof and destroy both front and back windshields. But it’s doubly impressive when you read further and learn the man was stark naked.

We assume that when “streaking” was mentioned, the insurance agent thought he meant the paint. At least we hope so; streaking damage is uncommon with cars, and we can all agree we want it to stay that way.

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