The 5 Worst Exotic Car Crashes

Exotic cars are designed for one thing: speed. Lots and lots of speed. Unfortunately, this tends to go hand in hand with crashing into objects or other cars extremely fast, meaning show-offs inevitably wind up destroying thousands or even millions of dollars in cars.

Here are five videos that will make your auto insurance go up just cringing at them.

#5) Yes, A Viper Moves Fast…But Not Everybody Gets Out of Its Way

This one takes a while, and Mr. Subaru here really needs to be more careful with his driving, but this is a classic video of somebody assuming that just because they own a high performance car, they are a high performance driver.

While that may be true (although it usually isn’t), it doesn’t mean that everybody is going to acknowledge your clear motoring superiority and get out of your way. Especially if they’re stuck on an off-ramp and working on the assumption that nobody, no matter how hyped up on testosterone and their own ego, would be so dumb as to rear-end them.

#4) It’s Half the Car It Used To Be

It’s a scenario straight out of “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”; a dad loans his Ferrari to his 20-year-old son (voluntarily, in this case), and then discovers why, precisely, 20-year-olds driving sports cars don’t get great auto insurance rates.

The amazing thing is that despite ramming this car into a pole, both the driver and the passenger weren’t seriously injured, since the Modena has the engine in the back, like many supercars. Of course, we have no data on whether he survived the wrath of his father upon telling him he wrecked a six-figure supercar that had just come back from the shop.

#3) Classic Cars Are Not Immune

We were going to feature a Lamborghini here, but our exploration of YouTube has uncovered that apparently it is impossible to view a Lamborghini getting into so much as a fender-bender without the camera operator swearing like a sailor.

So instead, here’s an instructional video on why you shouldn’t race a classic ’69 Camaro.


#2) Well, They ARE Low to the Ground

This “crash” is less of a “crash” and more of a “crush,” but it was much safer than what would have normally happened, and it all has to do with, interestingly enough, car design.

You see, in a normal scenario, this would be a side impact, which are actually pretty ugly and dangerous, statistically. Instead, since the Ferrari is so close to the ground, by design, and the F-150 is so high up, again, by design, instead of a side impact, the F-150 literally rolled on top of the Ferrari’s hood, just like a monster truck, leaving the occupant of the Ferrari absolutely safe.

Out about $250,000 or more, but absolutely safe!

#1) The Japanese Destroy $4 Million of Supercars

This accident shows how pile-ups happen, and why tailgating in a convoy is a really bad idea: a bunch of supercar enthusiasts in Japan were heading towards Hiroshima when the lead car attempted to change lanes and ran into the crash barrier. Faster than you can say “dominoes,” they all piled up, destroying some of the cars beyond repair but thankfully not killing or even seriously injuring anybody.

And that’s why you don’t tailgate, kids.

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