The 6 Most Bizarre Car-Related World Records


Land speed record? It’s been done countless times.

Largest car? BOR-ing!

Fastest from zero to 60 in… who really cares?

If you’re looking for a memorable car-related record, here are six of them that actually do have entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Just don’t tell the auto insurance companies what they’re doing!

1. Cramming Into a Mini – The world has a long and storied history of trying to maximize the number of passengers in a given vehicle. So when the tiny Mini Cooper came out, several groups decided to push the door panels and windows to see if they had the right “stuff.” The record was achieved by the Pilobolus Dance Company: 26 people in a Mini on December 16, 2010.

2. Dozens of Donuts – Doughnuts are cheaper by the dozen, but donuts are usually singular events. However, Infineon Raceway in Sonoma Valley, California attempted to set the world record for most cars spinning in circles for at least 15 seconds at one time. On March 20, 2012, a total of 75 cars performed simultaneous donuts; breaking the record and creating a smoke cloud which could probably be seen from Australia.

3. He Flies Through the Air Without the Greatest of Ease – And then there are the world records which are not trying to be broken. But Matthew McKnight broke just about everything else in Monroeville, Pennsylvania on October 26, 2001 when he was struck by a car while assisting a stranded motorist on a highway. McKnight flew a record 118 feet in the air before landing on the pavement and fracturing his pelvis, tailbone, leg, and shoulder.

4. Blind Driving the Blind – We sometimes wonder whether weaving motorists are “driving blind.” But Metin Seturk of Turkey decided to actually don a blindfold before getting behind the wheel of his Ferrari F430 on March 31, 2010. With lots of open space at the Urfa Airport around him, Seturk managed to break the blindfolded land speed record by driving over 182 miles per hour.

5. Now That Trailer Was Traveling! – It can be difficult to gain speed if you are driving a car and pulling a travel trailer on the roads. But speed was no problem for one individual at South Africa’s Hoedspruit Air Force Base on October 24, 2003. This unidentified person clocked a speed over more than 139 miles per hour in a Mercedes Benz S600 while pulling a travel trailer.

6. How Much Is That Little Doggie Rolling Down the Window? – Think way back to before we had automatic windows. It seemed to take forever to roll down a car window. You’d think it would take even longer for a dog. But in 2004, a border collie named Striker managed to “paw crank” a window down in a time of 11.34 seconds, breaking the world record for canine car window openings.


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