The 6 Worst Attempts at Parallel Parking

Many of us despise having to parallel park our vehicles. Some of us aren’t very good at it. A few people never have to worry about it (lucky!). Nevertheless, we all had to learn to do it — even if it was just to pass our driving test and get our license.

But if you feel that your parallel parking skills are inadequate, then you’ll need to sit down and watch these half dozen inept attempts. You’ll definitely feel better about yourself afterward.

1. Woman Illustrates (Lack Of) Parking Prowess

It’s one thing for a woman to have trouble parallel parking into a tight spot on a busy city street. But it’s quite another to struggle with getting into a huge space. On a residential street. With just two other cars parked on it. For over six minutes!

2. “Ehh … It’s Close Enough.”

This businessman isn’t going to let anything stand in the way of getting a streetside parking spot … including a car behind him. Or the car in front of him. Or being parallel with the curb. (The title of this entry comes from the man’s reaction after he gets out of his car.)

3. The Winner of the “Absolutely No Shame” Award

This time-lapse video compresses 10 hours into less than 40 seconds. It’s also what happens when you combine extreme persistence with a complete lack of spatial recognition. The only thing this video lacks is a frantic Monty Python music score.

4. Murphy’s Law of Parallel Parking

It’s hard to call the outcome of this episode “bad luck.” That’s because the driver clearly has no grasp of the basic concepts of parallel parking. Hey man, look on the bright side: it’ll be a great story to tell your auto insurance agent!

5. Thankfully, There’s a Time Limit on Incompetence

The third-best part of the video is the hapless man trying to direct his lady friend into a parking space. The second best part is the play-by-play by the camera operator, which is equal parts random and funny. But the best part? The video’s surprise ending.

6. The Little Minivan Driver That Could (Eventually)

This video gets bonus points for extra production values, which includes commentary, captioning, funky fonts, and an appropriate closing song. And with a smoking husband, a slacker son, and a videoing daughter trying to help Mom out, the plot is delightfully entertaining as well. Plus, we had to finish this list with a video that had a happy ending.

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