The 7 Best Gas Apps

With pump prices staying stubbornly high, motorists are doing anything they can to save money on gasoline. And they’re using modern technology as a valuable tool in this process.

Online gas pricing websites have been popular for some time now. These sites allow Americans to search for the lowest pump prices or for the brand of fuel they want. And now, smartphones are getting into the act as well. Here are the top seven gas apps for your mobile phone.

  1. GasBuddy. The free app for the Android or iPhone is a product of the hugely popular website of the same name. It can locate gas stations close to you and sort them by distance away or price per gallon. Plus, it lets you update the prices and earns you points toward prizes each time you do.
  2. FuelFinder. This iPhone app costs $2.99 and utilizes data acquired from GasBuddy. But in addition to prices and distances, it also lets you know information about each entry, such as whether it has 24-hour pumps, an ATM, a garage, or a convenience store. The app also tells you about how long it will take to get to each gas station it identifies.
  3. MyGasWars. This might be the app of choice for drivers who want or need varying octane grades of gas. With your iPhone, you can not only display nearby gas stations and their prices, but can also filter your search by regular, mid-grade, premium, diesel, or E85 fuel types. You’ll find results for both name brand and off-brand gasoline — and it’s only 99 cents to download.
  4. iGasUp. The iPhone app, which also costs 99 cents, automatically finds and displays the 10 most inexpensive gas stations near your location. But instead of user input and similar sources, this app gets its data from credit card transactions and updates its prices in real time. So you’ll know exactly how much you’ll pay for gas at any one of the 110,000 stations it monitors.
  5. Gas Cubby. This app focuses on what you do with your gas once it’s already in your car’s tank. It assists you in keeping track of your gas mileage and also gives you reminders and alerts about vehicle maintenance and service. The app for the iPhone costs $4.99, but there is also a free version which is supported by advertisements.
  6. Gas Hog. Here’s another iPhone app that helps monitor your fuel economy. It also provides you with your car’s gas mileage averages for the last 30 days, six months, and all-time. Plus, it gives you numerous tips for improving your fuel efficiency — and it costs just 99 cents.
  7. TripTik. If you happen to be an AAA member, then you’ll love this free app. However, membership in the auto club is not required to download it. Not only does it allow you to view gas stations’ prices and locations, but it also has the capability of displaying route maps, auto repair shops, and even restaurants and hotels. What’s next? Paying your auto insurance bills for you?

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