The 7 Best Norm McDonald Bits on the Web

We’re proud to welcome Norm McDonald to the SafeAuto family as our new spokesman. And like all families, we take pride in each other’s accomplishments.

Norm has had a long career as a comedian, starting in his native Canada in 1987. He may be best known for his hilarious skits on Saturday Night Live, but he also did writing work on "Roseanne," made frequent appearances on Conan O’Brien and elsewhere on television, and earned respect as a stand-up comedian. He is also noted for somehow, however briefly, reviving the career of Frank Stallone. In short, we’re really glad Canada hasn’t tried to take him back.

And oh … did we mention that we also enjoy razzing family members? Here are some of Norm’s best bits out there on the Web.

#7) His "Millionaire" Appearance

Proving that Norm can take it as well as dish it out in the opening, this clip really just gets funnier from there. It also shows his charitable side: Norm raised $500,000 for Paul Newman’s Charity Camp, but played it safe to make sure the kids got the most money.

#6) Norm Saves an Interview on Conan

The really sad thing in this clip, aside from Norm having to step in to salvage this interview, is the fact that his title for Carrot Top’s movie turned out to be accurate.

#5) His Bob Saget Roast Appearance

McDonald is a sometimes experimental comedian, and it takes a second to realize what he’s doing is deliberately bombing at the Roast while making fun of Saget’s past goody-goody image on "Full House." But once that clicks, this becomes hysterical, especially as half the stage doesn’t realize what’s going on, and has looks of pure bewilderment on their faces as a respected comedian seems to bomb right in front of their eyes.

#4) Weiner Dog! Weiner Dog!

Weiner dogs are, of course, inherently funny, but we’ve always wondered exactly where Norm found the time to get that dog so well-trained. And, yes, Norm yells at the poor puppy, but don’t feel too bad for Weiner Dog in this clip; he gets his revenge a little later:

See, that’s why you should always be nice to dogs; you never know when they’ll decide to misdial on you.

#3) The Correspondent’s Dinner

Worth watching just for McDonald’s first joke…and the crickets that follow it. Of particular note is how he works this stuffy, overly polite audience of political journalists. He set the trend for bringing in experienced comedians to make something dull a lot more exciting, no matter how you feel about politics.

#2) Car Crashes

This is, for obvious reasons, one of our favorite moments of McDonald’s on Weekend Update. Of course, we’ve also heard this joke about every single thing we’ve ever written about crash data since, so we’d better like it!

#1) Burt Reynolds

What, you thought we’d let this end without Turd Ferguson

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