The 7 Most Costly Fender Benders Ever

As you drive down the road and see an obscenely expensive car pass by, you can quash your envy by remembering two things: A) its owner is paying exorbitant auto insurance rates, and B) if it is involved in an accident, it will cost a lot of money to fix it.


Case in point: a multi-car fender bender which happened last month. The accident occurred in Monte Carlo, so you know that some high-dollar vehicles were involved. Specifically, a Bentley Azure (sticker price: $363,000) apparently smashed into a Mercedes Benz S-Class ($93,000), a Ferrari F430 ($186,000), an Aston Martin Rapide ($228,000), and a Porsche 911 (a steal at $77,000).

None of the cars appeared to be totaled, but it’s still going to be a hefty repair bill for the driver of the Bentley if she is held responsible for all of the damages. In fact, it might turn out to be the costliest fender bender in history. Here are 7 others which may give it a run for its money (dollar amounts based on sticker prices).

In order, as shown in the video:

7. Bugatti EB 110

This $500,000 vehicle somehow slid off the road and took out a utility pole. If totaled, the blue Bugatti owner will be singing the blues for awhile.

6. Pagani Zonda C12 S

The fire hydrant never had a chance when it was flattened by this $650,000 sports car. But its owner certainly took a bath after paying for repairs.

5. Mercedes Benz SL 300

It’s a tale of two eras: a $750,000 vintage Benz meeting a modern pickup truck. Guess who won that battle?

4. Jaguar XJ220

Jaguars are known for being expensive to repair. If this Jag is totaled, the owner will be out a cool million dollars.

3. McLaren F1

You know Rowan Atkinson? The actor known for playing goofy, haphazard characters? He wrecked this beautiful $1.25 million automobile. Time to make another movie!

2. Ferrari Enzo

This roadster sold for a steep $1.3 million, and its owner doesn’t even get the back part of the car back. Maybe he will only be charged half-price for repairs!

1. Ferrari 250 GT Spyder

How do you ruin a $10 million automotive work of art? Plow into a sand dune, that’s how. That will certainly ruin a day at the beach.

So if you ever trade paint with another motorist and start worrying about repair costs, just be thankful that you aren’t filthy rich. After all, unremarkable fender benders don’t get posted on the Internet for others to laugh at.

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