The 7 Worst Gas Guzzlers of 2012

Fuel efficiency and green are in, right? Especially with those high prices at the pump, surely all the auto manufacturers have gotten the message and are making even their worst gas guzzlers a little more environmentally friendly, right?

Wrong. Overall fuel efficiency has improved, but there are still plenty of vehicles that waste gas like it’s going out of style…which it is. Here are the biggest wastrels we could find, and, if you only drive about 15 miles a day, how much it’s going to cost you at current gas prices.

Scion xB
Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 23
Gallons Used in a Year: 238
Total Gas Costs: $875.05

The Scion may be popular among young people, and the overall price may be right…but it’s not good when it comes to gas mileage, ranking near the bottom of the small car class. The sad thing? It’s still doing a lot better than the rest of this list.

Ford Fusion SEL
Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 20
Gallons Used in a Year: 273.75
Total Gas Costs: $1006.31

This small sedan may not look like a gas guzzler, but the four-wheel drive and overall design mean it burns through fuel a lot faster than other cars in its class.
Chevy Camaro 2SS
Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 17
Gallons Used in a Year: 322
Total Gas Costs: $1183.89

To be fair, it’s not like sports cars are famed far and wide for their fuel efficiency: when you have more cylinders, you’re definitely going to burn more fuel, and it’s unlikely there are many people pulling out the Camaro to shop for groceries. Even so, Chevy could probably do a little better.

Mercedes S550
Miles Per Gallon (Combined):17
Gallons Used In a Year: 322
Total Gas Costs: $1183.89

Mercedes, as a car brand, isn’t noted for its fuel efficiency; that’s partially because, as German cars, they’re really designed to use diesel, not gasoline. And that’s also because if you can afford a new Mercedes, paying nearly 1200 bucks a year at the pump doesn’t make you cringe. Even so, lame, guys.

Chrysler Town and Country Touring
Miles Per Gallon (Combined):17
Gallons Used In a Year: 322
Total Gas Costs: $1183.89

Why this one costs so much in gas is utterly beyond us. Do parents not like fuel efficiency or something?

Jeep Liberty Sport
Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 16
Gallons Used in a Year: 342
Total Gas Costs: $1257.88

It’s probably not a surprise that SUVs fill out the worst in fuel efficiency, but it is a little disappointing. It’s not like automakers aren’t fully aware of this problem; is it really so hard to try and squeeze a few extra miles a gallon out of an engine?

Cadillac Escalade
Miles Per Gallon (Combined): 13
Gallons Used in a Year: 421
Total Gas Costs: $1548.16

We guess when you’re popular, fuel efficiency doesn’t matter. Although we find it hard to believe even athletes won’t flinch with what they’re paying at the pump.

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