The 8 Best Auto-Related Apps

You’ve got a smartphone. You’ve got a car. Surely, these two things can be made to work together. Here are eight apps that help you get the most out of your car. For those with different operating systems, we suggest a few equivalents, just to help you along.

For Buying A Car

1. Kelley Blue Book, Free, iOS and Android

Everybody has to go car shopping at some point, and it’s good to have a financial point of reference. Kelley Blue Book, one of the most respected names, can always be in your pocket with this app.

2., Free, iOS and Android

Similarly, why be chained to your desktop when looking at cars? Use your phone to keep track of deals and similar cars.

For Repair Help and Suggestions

3. Torque Pro, $4.95, Android

Torque Pro works with an OBD-to-Bluetooth transmitter, sold separately, to help you learn everything that’s happening in your car. It essentially feeds you the raw sensor data to do with as you please, ranging from fault codes telling you what the car thinks is going wrong to the ability to tag precise GPS coordinates to your social media posts. For iOS users, try Carbonga.

4. Car Minder, $2.99, iOS

Want to know how your car is doing? Keep detailed records with Car Minder. You can track fill-ups and how much they cost (and how long you went between filling the tank). You can log oil changes, tire rotations, and other basic maintenance as it streams in, and get a sense of how your car is doing over time. It’s a good way to track costs, and Android fans should try the similar aCar.

For Driving Around

5. Gas Buddy, Free, iOS and Android

Yep, the popular website for finding the cheapest gas possible is available as a mobile app. And, even better, it won’t cost you a nickel. The app supports itself with advertising, and collects and updates data on gas stations across the country constantly. You can pitch in and do your part as well: Report local gas prices to help others on the road.

6. Take Me To My Car, Free, iOS

Admit it, you’ve done it. We all have. We’ve all gotten lost in the parking lot. So why deal with that time and time again? Just download Take Me To My Car; when you get out, fire up the app by tapping the screen. Then, when you’re ready to come back, tap it again and you’ve got walking directions. Android users should try the similar Carrr Matey.

For Wrecks and Road Problems

7. iWrecked, Free, iOS and Android

In the moments after you get into a car accident, you may not be able to focus on what needs to be done. This is where this app comes in. iWrecked gives you a string of forms to fill out and photos to take that lets you gather all the documentation you need to get everything in order for your auto insurer… and in one place.

8. SeeClickFix, Free, iOS and Android

It’s pretty simple: If you’re driving around and you see a pothole, damaged guard rail or other road problem… simply click to take a photograph, and send it to the local road authority for a fix.

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