The 8 Most Tricked-Out Car Dealerships

Most people love to purchase a new car, but many dislike having to do it at an auto dealership. Sitting around in a dreary showroom/cube farm and waiting for your sale to go through can sap all of the excitement out of the car-buying experience.

Thankfully, more and more dealers are learning that comfortable customers are happy customers. So dealerships are adding creature comforts and amenities that make people forget that they are there to drop tens of thousands of dollars for a vehicle. Here are eight of the most uniquely “tricked-out” dealers on the continent:

1. Fowler Honda – Norman, OK

Forget about a dull waiting area with stale coffee. Café Del Sol inside this Honda dealership not only offers good coffee, but also salads, sandwiches, steaks, burgers, and desserts. After all, it’s always better to shop for a car on a full stomach.

2. Lexus Center of Escondido, CA

In keeping with the upscale image of Lexus, this California dealership features a “penthouse-level” restaurant with its own chef. You can enjoy beautiful views of the countryside while dining. But here’s the question: if you buy a Lexus there, do you still have to tip the waiter?

3. Rick Case Honda – Davie, FL

That’s right! You can get a trim from this dealer’s in-house barbershop while you wait for your vehicle. But that’s not all. In addition to an on-premises café, the dealer also houses an office for the Broward County Clerk of Courts which provides marriage license applications (among other things). Moral of the story: guys, don’t take your girlfriends with you to this dealership.

4. Grimsby (Ontario) Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep – Canada

While the atmosphere at most dealerships is anything but relaxing, this Canadian dealer is home to the Crossfire Spa, where patrons can get manicures, pedicures, facials, and other spa services. It’s perhaps the only place in North America where both you and your car can get waxed at the same time.

5. North Park Lexus – San Antonio, TX

Speaking of relaxing, this Lexus dealership in the Lone Star State features its own private massage room where customers can get a complimentary rubdown while waiting for their vehicle to be serviced. There’s also a video game area complete with Xbox for patrons who find destroying zombies more therapeutic.

6. Island Lincoln Mercury Land Rover & Jaguar – Merritt Island, FL

Want perks? Just buy a vehicle from this Florida dealership, and you’ll get access to an exclusive on-site “Island Club.” Complimentary amenities include a health and fitness center, kids’ play area, video gaming arcade, barbershop, Internet café, and food at the Tiki Grill Restaurant. You can also fill up your vehicle at an on-site gas station at wholesale prices. Yeah, these perks are about a million percent better than a free oil change.

7. Oliver C. Joseph Dodge-Chrysler – Belleville, IL

There’s no planes, but this dealer does combine trains with automobiles. Several years ago, the dealer brought in a 1927 private railroad car complete with observation deck, vintage furniture, and kitchen. Tours are offered, and the car can be rented out for meetings, charity functions… and even training! (Get it? “Train”ing? Ha!)

8. Newport Lexus – Newport Beach, CA

Finally, there’s a dealership that could easily be confused with a five-star hotel. The 300,000 square foot showroom features two picturesque fountains, a grand player-piano, shoe shine service, Tommy Bahama store, and putting green. But the best part for men comes when they answer nature’s call; the restrooms are equipped with TVs and gleaming urinals. (Yes, guys are pretty easily amused.)

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