The Best (and Worst) Cars for Each Body Type

We’re all different in terms of height and girth. Some of us are tall, some of us are short, some of us are skinny, and some of us … well … some of us used to be skinny. The problem is, cars being what they are, they’re not all built specifically for certain body types.

If you’re of fairly average height and weight, you’ll be just fine behind most cars … but the rest of us need a guide.

Fortunately, Consumer Reports has done the legwork for us: they’ve found the best cars for the tall, the short and the formerly skinny. Check out the models below, and don’t forget to review auto insurance rates with your provider before making a purchase.

Tall People


If you’re tall, take heart in the fact that luxury car designers feel your pain. Or just maybe they sell to a lot of tall people: the 10 best cars that Consumer Reports found for tall people include the Audi A8, the Lexus LS, and the Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Porsche, however, hates your guts: both the Boxster and the 911 are distinctly height-unfriendly cars.

For the more frugal tall guy, the Honda Accord and Odyssey, the Nissan Murano, and the Hyundai Equus all got the stamp of approval. The Honda CR-Z and Nissan 370Z were among the worst, however.

As a Rule: Don’t bother with sports cars: focus on full size sedans.

Short People


There’s actually a lot of repetition for short and tall people, showing a lot of thoughtfulness on the part of car designers. Well, SOME car designers.

Just as good for the short as the tall are the Honda Oydssey and Accord, the Hyundai Equus, and Mercedes S-Class, showing how adaptable those cars are. The biggest surprise, however, is Lexus, with the LS, ES and RX all coming in as short-friendly.

Not short-friendly? Surprisingly, quite a few sports cars as well. The Porsche 911 doesn’t make the bottom 10, but the Boxster does. The Nissan 370Z makes a reappearance. Jeep apparently doesn’t like anybody outside the averages: the Wrangler and the Liberty appear on both worst lists.

As a Rule: Again, mid-size sedans are your friends, but some crossover SUVs also seem to take a person’s height into account. Or, apparently, you can drive a Lexus.

Rotund People


And now we come to the formerly skinny…and, surprisingly, there’s just as much repetition on this list as there was for the short and the tall.

One thing worth noting: a bigger you doesn’t mean you need a bigger vehicle, per se. People do tend to think that their weight should affect what car they drive, but unless you have a serious medical problem, most cars are perfectly able to drive you around.

With that in mind, the Honda Accord and Odyssey again make the best of list, as well as the Subaru Forester, which apparently is accommodating no matter what your size and weight. Also a thumbs-up? The Kia Rondo and Hyundai Azera.

Thumbs down? Once again…sports cars, but also a surprising number of SUVs. Rather than name models, though, Consumer Reports simply pointed out you have to climb up into some of them, and that despite their size, they weren’t necessarily designed for larger people. A case in point: the Hummer line and the Jeep line both were far from larger-people-friendly.

As a Rule: Climb into the car and see if it fits you, and ask the salesman for cars with heavily adjustable seats and steering wheels: those were found to be the key factors in accessibility.

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