The Best Video Game of the Decade

Whether you are a passionate gamer, or a noob, we have all been exposed to some kind of video game in the past decade. Yahoo recently put together a list of the top best video/computer games of all time.

So you’re asking, who had the best video game of the decade? Believe it or not, but Grand Theft Auto III developed by Rockstar Games has won the award! Yahoo describes its success, “The dirty, unforgiving nature of Liberty City forever altered the gaming landscape, introducing gamers to the concept of ‘open-world’ design while permanently raising the bar for mature storytelling.” Check out the entire list,

Maybe SafeAuto will even create a game of their own in the future. I wonder how Justin Case would face up in the gaming world? Only time will tell. Submit your comments below if you have any suggestions!

[Source: Yahoo]

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