The Board Of Directors Want More Customers

The SafeAuto Do The Jingle contest has brought out many talented performers and established bands.  It has also provided newly formed bands with an outlet to have their music heard by tens of thousands of people.  New York City based The Board of Directors (TBD) are one of those bands. 

Featuring three Penn State University graduates, TBD brings a fresh, original version of the SafeAuto jingle and has been impressed by the amount of attention their submission has received.  “This is definitely the most exposure we have ever had,” said guitarist/bassist/MC Chris Young.  “This is really our first video and song that we have released online.”

With over 10,000 views and 6,600 votes, TBD has jumped up to #5 in the Top 20.  “We have been promoting this through our network on Facebook, and hopefully people who visit the site check out our jingle and vote for us,” Young said.

Now, about that band name.  While living in New York as aspiring musicians, the group decided to refer to their apartments where they practiced as their “offices”, their friends became the “company”, and since they were in charge, they became “The Board of Directors.”

While they may not yet be as successful a corporation as companies like Facebook, they are already thinking like business men.  “We plan on reinvesting any money that we may win right back into the band, allowing us to get new equipment or even some studio time,” Young said.

Our long-term outlook on TBD: Buy, buy, buy.


[The Board of Directors Official DTJ Entry]


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