The Church Band Rejoices Do The Jingle Contest Victory

The Church Band can officially rejoice! The Illinois based group furiously rallied in the last week of the SafeAuto Do The Jingle contest to rack up the most votes to take home the Grand Prize in the 2011 competition. This musically gifted band will be rewarded with the grand prize of a $5,000 SafeAuto Advertising Contract.

Marcus Bell, William Burton, Lethaniel Harris, Alphonso Jones, and Darryl Washington, members of The Church Band, preached about the risk of driving uninsured during their jingle. The message clearly hit home with the more than 239,474 voters. “We really look forward to the television commercial filming which we anticipate will be really fun,” said guitarist/vocalist Darryl Washington.

Even though the musically gifted group won by more than 42,000 votes, The Church Band is glad the competition they came out victorious. “This has been quite an interesting excursion,” Washington said. “This competition isn’t as easy to endure as most people would think.”

A record number of votes were registered for the 2011 SafeAuto Do The Jingle Contest. This is a testament to the ever-growing popularity of the competition as well as the talent and creativity of the performers.

Rounding out the top ten places in SafeAuto’s Do The Jingle Contest were; Sketch By Numbers, Pinnell Dancers, America’s Got SafeAuto, The SafeAuto Hoedown, GenYration, Frank Sincere, Rich Russel, Phillip and Aaron Laube, and Darius Johnson.

The victory for The Church Band was extra sweet considering their drummer, William Burton, finished fourth in last year’s competition. The Church Band will donate the $5,000.00 prize money to “Love In Action” Ministry, which feeds the poor, or will be utilized for necessary building projects at the ministry.

Congratulations to all of the participants in this year’s competition. Be sure to check out The Church Band in an upcoming SafeAuto commercial on a television near you!


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