The Most Important Car in the World

At SafeAuto, we realize just how important your car is. Whether you’ve had your vehicle for a decade or just a couple of months, you and your car have forged a special bond.

Your car helps you get to work on time, successfully pick up the groceries and even drop the kids off at soccer practice. In a world where cars are really important, one car is the most important: Yours.


Mike Montgomery, a 26-year old Columbus resident, has a special connection with his vehicle. “I have a 2005 Chevy Malibu and I love it to death. Although the car is getting up there in age, it always gets the job done for me.”

SafeAuto’s new advertising campaign focuses on the importance of a driver’s car and the connection they’ve made with their four-wheeled friend. Charlie Kordes, customer demand and experience lader at SafeAuto, was quoted in The New York Times about the new commercial spots for SafeAuto. “Our owners were able to attain this vehicle, and it could be the only asset they own, and to them that’s very important. The new campaign is talking about that everyday romance that people have with their cars.”

The next time you shut the driver’s seat door, make sure to give your car a pat on the back, especially if your ride has been reliable in your everyday life.

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