The Most Popular Car Names

You name your pets so why not your car? If you have named your car in the past, you’re in good company. According to a survey by Carjojo, 42% of all respondents admitted to naming their cars at some point in time. The two groups that have the highest tendency of naming their cars are women (57%) and 18-29 year olds (46%).

most popular car names

Carjojo found that 35% of Americans use female names only for their vehicles compared to 15% who exclusively use male names. What about everyone else? Gender-neutral names, such as Big Red, are also quite popular.

Research conducted by AA-Poplus in 2014 have revealed that the most popular car names are the following:

  • Names with ‘Blue’ in them (ex: Blue Boy)
  • Fed, Freddie, or Frida
  • Betsey
  • Babe or Baby
  • The Beast
  • Penelope or Penny
  • Names starting with “Little” (ex: Little Beauty)
  • Bertie or Bert
  • Bessie or Bess
  • Bertha
  • Katy or Katie
  • Names starting with “Old” (ex: Old Gal)

Based on respondents from the same AA-Populus survey who said they named their car, the following factors played a part in how they chose the names:

  • Registration number 30%
  • Name that seemed to suit their car’s personality (27%)
  • Make/model (16%)
  • Name they liked (8%)
  • Celebrity name (1%)
  • Partner/spouse name (1%)
  • Child’s name (1%)
  • Other (8%)

What about you? Do you have a name for your car?

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