The Perfect Spring Cleaning Check List for Cleaning Your Car

cleaning your car
May 28, 2020

This morning, you awoke to the sound of birds chirping. As you enjoy these last few weeks of springtime, there’s still time to fit in a spring-cleaning project. Our suggestion? Give your car a good wipe down. We spend so much time in our vehicles, but they’re often the last place we think to clean. Here’s a list of the top five dirtiest places for cleaning your car that could use a little TLC.

cleaning your car

Top five dirtiest places to cover when cleaning your car

Now that you’ve finished fixing up the house, you’ve moved on to a new project: the family car. Doing deep cleaning inside of cars can feel a little intimidating, but this list will help you narrow down the key areas you need to hit when cleaning your car interior to get it into tiptop shape.

Floor Mats

Wait what? We were surprised too! Studies have consistently found floor mats to be among the dirtiest places in your car, especially on the driver’s side. Bacteria, yeast, and mold all tend to grow here because our shoes track muck and create a dank environment for these things to grow. So how do you clean car floor mats? Cleaning vehicle carpet that’s removable is pretty simple. Give them all a shake and toss them in your laundry washer together with your regular detergent!

Cup Holders

This one makes a little more sense. This area gets touched often when you’re securing your beverage for the road. A lot of crumbs get down in these crevices and stick with spilled drinks. It can be a breeding ground for bacteria—anywhere you’ve spilled food, or a drink is a hot spot to scrub down when cleaning your car.

Your Trunk

 Ah, yes. The trunk. This is the place where you toss stinky uniforms, gym bags, groceries, and tools. Among the abandoned cleats and forgotten molding banana lurk bacteria. Make sure to vacuum out this area and give the area a good steaming if it’s carpeted.

High Touch Surfaces

Disinfect all the surfaces you touch regularly with something that will sanitize car surfaces. Here are some areas you’ll want to wipe down:

The bottom line.

If there are any other key features of your car that you use frequently—such as a center console or sunglasses holder—give those a once over, too. And while you’re at it, check your glove box for your proof of insurance and make sure everything is up to date. Spring is a great time to reevaluate your policy.

This list will help you make your car’s interior feel sparkling clean and as safe inside as it is out on your way to your next destination. We hope you enjoy the road ahead!

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