The Three Types of Cars That Can Cut Your Car Insurance Rates

by Dan Seitz

Auto insurance can be expensive, as we all know, and depending on the car you own, it can be stratospheric. Just ask anybody who owns a bright red sports car. But we all know what types of cars get the highest rates: muscle cars, sports cars, basically cars that inspire you to drive faster and more aggressively.

But what cars cut your car insurance rates? The answers are…the big, slow, and chunky ones, that’s which. Here are the three types of cars that are the lowest to insure, according to’s latest rankings, and why.

#3) Pick-up trucks

Number in the Top Ten Cheapest: 3

Models in the Top Ten Cheapest: Chevy Silverado 1500 Regular Cab, Chevy Silverado 1500 Extended Cab, GMC Sierra K1500 Regular Cab

Why?: First of all, thieves don’t steal that many pickup trucks; they prefer to steal old Honda sedans. The 1999 Chevy Silverado is fairly high on the stolen list, but that’s largely it for pick-ups. Secondly, a lot of pick-ups on the road aren’t personal vehicles: they’re work vehicles. The Silverado and Sierra are popular among contractors, landscapers, and other construction professionals for toting their tools to the work site and toting materials around the work site. Similarly, an engine designed for hauling isn’t going to rip down the roads at 200mph; pick-ups have a lot of muscle but not a lot of speed, comparatively, making them pretty safe.

The one thing increasing premiums? Workhorses tended to be worked pretty hard, so pick-ups need a bit more maintenance than other types.

#2) SUVs

Number in the Top Ten Cheapest: 3

Models in the Top Ten Cheapest: Jeep Patriot Sport, Jeep Compass Sport, Ford Escape XLS

Why?: It wasn’t so long ago that SUVs were considered death traps due to their rollover risk, and were insured accordingly. But with Electronic Stability Control, not to mention more and more SUVs based on a sedan chassis instead of a high-riding truck chassis, modern SUVs are among the safest cards on the road. Similarly, modern SUVs have a low risk of being stolen, and parts are plentiful, making them fairly cheap to repair. But even the SUV has to cede the top spot to…

#1) Minivans

Number in Top Ten Cheapest: 4

Models in the Top Ten Cheapest: Toyota Sienna LE, Toyota Sienna 4-cylinder, Toyota Sienna 6-cyclinder, Dodge Grand Caravan

Why?: First of all, apparently the Toyota Sienna is incredibly reliable; it came in first, second and ninth in the lowest to insure.

But secondly, minivans are people movers. You don’t buy a minivan to impress people, you buy it to haul the kids and the dog around. As a result, it’s driven very carefully, meaning minivan owners are generally safe bets to avoid crashes and other problems. If there is a problem with the car, it’s not hard to find parts and labor is generally fairly cheap. It’s not even much of a target for thieves.

In short, what minivans are made fun of for, being functional instead of stylish, makes it cheaper to own. Take that, you uppity sedans!

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