The Top 10 Worst Intersections in America

Think about the worst intersection in your town. Maybe the light stays red for too long, or you can’t tell who has the right of way. Now check out the intersections below, and be thankful for how good you have it.

Perpetual gridlock, constant traffic accidents, and drivers hollering at each other: these are just a few of the problems in this list of the top ten worst intersections in America, as ranked by Inrix, which measures traffic data. And if you live in one of these areas, make sure you have really good car insurance!

10. City: Chicago, IL

Location: I-290 at US 12/US 20/US 45

This is simply a meeting of too many highways. You’ve got I-290, US-12, US-20 and US-45 all converging into one three-leaf clover of doom. If only they had added the fourth leaf to the clover, maybe they would have had more luck with this design.


9. City: New York, NY

Location: Harlem River Dr at 2nd Ave/125th

This resembles more of a snake curled up and ready to attack the Robert F Kennedy Bridge. Frankly, we’re getting dizzy looking at this confusing mess of on-ramps and roundabouts.


8. City: Chicago, IL

Location: Dan Ryan Expressway/I-90/I-94 at Canalport Ave

It’s bad enough to have three major freeways running side by side, but Canalport Avenue running across and underneath all of them makes things even worse. This traffic jam is what it looks like on an average day.


7. City: Los Angeles, CA

Location: Hollywood Freeway/US 101 at Vermont Ave

Even in a city known for its traffic, this is the worst of the worst. This picture was taken during a period of light traffic.


6. City: Queens, New York, NY

Location: Van Wyck Expressway/I-678 at Liberty Ave

You’ve got a tic-tac-toe board of major roads … and what’s with Liberty Ave splitting off? Imagine what this route would look like during rush hour drive time.


5. City: New York, NY

Location: Harlem River Drive at 3rd Ave

This is the intersection that gets you to the Third Avenue Bridge. Only so many people can cross the bridge at a time, which frequently creates traffic jams all the way down Harlem River Drive. It’s not even pretty to look at on a map!


4. City: Bronx, New York, NY

Location: Cross Bronx Expressway/I-95 at White Plains Rd

This intersection is located right next to the New York Department of Labor. Note all that room for parking lots that could be turned into extra lanes to relieve some of the traffic.


3. City: Bronx, New York, NY

Location: Cross Bronx Expressway/I 95 at I-895/Sheridan Expressway

Is it any surprise that this intersection is actually located very near our number one intersection? It’s a trickle-down effect: the problems with traffic are never isolated.


2. City: San Rafael, CA

Location: I-580 at Bellam Boulevard

Located right off of the 101 Freeway in the Bay Area, this intersection moves at a tepid 8.1 miles per hour when congested. This rate of speed causes people to become anxious, which tends to cause even more problems.


1. City: Bronx, New York, NY

Location: Cross Bronx Expressway/I-95 at Bronx River Parkway

New York is known for bad traffic, but this location near the Bronx Zoo and Hylan Park takes the cake. The Cross Bronx Expressway is known as one of the most clogged roads in the United States because of the amount of people living in the area that must commute.

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