Tips to Keep Your Car Cool

We love summer! The grass is green, the sun is warm, and your steering wheel is hotter than a Carolina Reaper. If you leave your car outside (especially if you have leather seats), you have probably experienced the horror or sitting in a boiling seat and then placing your hands on a steaming hot steering wheel.

Not only is a hot car uncomfortable to drive, but most cars are not made for extreme temperatures. Driving an overheated vehicle can cause damage without proper maintenance. Reduce the chances of something going awry by keeping your coolant system topped off and paying attention to your temperature gauge. If it gives you a warning, it’s time to pull over for a cool drink and to investigate the issue.

Motor temperature gauge of a car

You can prevent excess heat by following these tips:


Windows not only let the hot sun in to heat your seats, but it also traps the heat and sunlight, causing interior temperatures to rise. Fortunately, there are some easy ways to stop the light and heat.

  1. Use sunshades or tint your windows (make sure to check on your state’s regulations concerning window tinting).
  2. Park in shade. If covered parking is not available and there are no trees nearby, try turning your car around in your parking spot. This may help make sure the bulk of the sunlight is shining on the back of your car, preventing your wheel and seat from getting too hot.
  3. Crack your windows. To minimize the possibility of theft, crack your windows only slightly (less than an inch) to allow for airflow. You may want to check the weather forecast first to avoid any unwanted surprises.


If purchasing a car with air conditioned seats is not an option (if only we could all be so lucky), invest in a cooling seat cover if you find that you are often burning yourself when you first sit in your car. The covers come in many varieties and form a barrier of cooling gel between you and your seat.

Air conditioning

If your car’s air conditioning is in working order, blast it as soon as you get in your car. Use the recirculate feature to cool your whole vehicle down even faster. Give your AC a head start with a remote start (if you live in a cool climate, this can also be a great buy for winter). Another good trick to try is to make sure air is moving through the footwell vents to push the trapped hot air up and out of your vehicle faster. Use your AC sparingly, though, if your engine is prone to overheating. Using AC makes your engine work harder and could lead it to overheat.

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Follow the above tips to keep your car cool and enjoy the road ahead this summer.


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