Top Eight Father’s Day Gifts For Dad’s Car

This Father’s Day, June 20, marks the 100th anniversary of the first celebration of the holiday, and for those sons and daughters still looking to find dad the perfect present to honor the centennial, time is running out.

Fortunately for the last minute Father’s Day shopper (like most of us are), we can always rely on our nations strip malls and the internet to offer Father’s Day specials on things related to cars.  Because lets face it, he probably cares more about his car than his family anyway.

So without further adieu, here are the top eight Father’s Day gifts for dad’s car:


8.  Car Cell Phone Holder:  Turn your cup holder into something a little more useful with this phone holder, available for $9.99 at


7.  Front Seat Car Organizer:  Remember Case Logic, the company that made all the books for your CD’s back when you bought CD’s?  Well, they are still keeping you organized with the ability to store your drink, phone, maps, pens, and presumably CD’s.  All this for only $12.00, available at Target. 


6.  Car Wash Kit:  There is only one thing dads more than driving a dirty car around; having to pay for a carwash.  End your fathers misery by shelling out twenty bucks for this car wash kit, available at 


5.  Sports Trunk It Golf Gear Organizer:  The name may be cumbersome, but this product is not, and it combines dad’s car with his other love; golf. Its also available at amazon.comand will only set you back $26.95 


4.   Car USB Charger:  Your dad has lots of gadgets, which means he has lots of needs to charge them.  This car charger from Brookstone is only $25 and has five different tips, so it can handle everything from his phone, to his camera, to his iPod…unless he has an iPhone, which does all of those things…Then he would only need one tip.


3.  Emergency Travel Tool Set:  Whenever you travel, its always smart and safe to carry an emergency kit in your car.  Get dad this deluxe one from as the $40 you spend could save him a lot of trouble down the road. 


2.  Personalized Garage Clock:  While this gift is not technically for your car, it is for your garage, which houses your car.  This clock from Brookstone can be personalized with your dads name and features recycled aluminum for the rugged look.  It’s a little more expensive than the other gifts, clocking in at $119.95, but much more reasonable than our number one item.


1.  2006 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti:  Since you love your dad soooo much, don’t be a cheapskate and shell out your hard-earned dough for something that will make you dad’s favorite child…by a mile.  For only $151,444.00 you can “Buy It Now” on ebay and have it in time for Sunday.  So what’s holding you back?  Don’t you love your dad?  

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