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Top High Tech Car Gadgets to Have This Summer

high tech car gadgets
June 17, 2020

With today’s top technological advancements, there are various technological solutions to help you make your next summer drive a little bit more fun for everyone when you hit the road. Whether you’re heading in to work or gearing up for a summer road trip,  these apps could help you make your drive that much more seamless.

Whether it be safety gadgets that can help you reach your destination quicker or something to keep the little one’s busy in the back seat busy – there are a plethora of vehicle gadgets to help you out on the road ahead. Here is our list of the top high tech car gadgets to have this summer.

Top high tech car gadgets to have

1. Bluetooth speaker. Bluetooth speakers are the hands-free way to make calls or listen to your favorite music streaming apps. Many newer cars already have Bluetooth enabled to automatically connect to your device, whereas other makes and models of cars require an additional device to clip to your visor, vents, or dashboard in order to be used.

2. Multi-device charger. When you’re behind the wheel, it will put your mind at ease to have a multi-device charger handy, no matter who your passengers are. As we all know, when it’s a longer road trip, key devices you need may not always last the entire drive. When your car is full of passengers, potential arguments could ensue on who gets to charge their device during the drive. Having a multi-device charger will keep everyone charged up for the road ahead.

3. Backseat Passenger Entertainment. If you have little ones in the backseat and you’re trying to keep them occupied, you can provide rear-seat entertainment. Instead of having passengers look down at their phones to be entertained during the drive, you can attach these entertainment systems by either having it installed or find attachable devices to clip to the back of the driver and front passenger’s seat.

4. Light diffuser. Some passengers love to read through a good book while they are riding with you. However, as the day turns into night, this light can be very distracting to drivers. That’s when a light diffuser can come in handy. A light diffuser is a device that uses a smartphone’s flash to create a soft reading light, which helps prevent any unnecessary glare that could distract a driver.

5. Apple car play. Apple car play is the go-to in-vehicle mobile operating system that lets you use your iPhone’s apps on your car’s ‘infotainment’ screen. Depending on the make and model of your car, you may have to connect to Apple car play with a USB cable. Some recent make and models of cars are rolling out this inclusive feature to be readily available in the ‘infotainment’ screen. Apple car play allows you to listen to songs, monitor your GPS, and make hands-free texts and calls while enjoying the road ahead. 

The Bottom Line.

Thanks to today’s technological advances, we now have a plethora of gadgets to keep your car cool this summer that are at our fingertips to choose from when we’re in the car. Whether it be the need for a GPS, ideas of places to stop on road trips, or games to keep passengers entertained; drive safe apps are there to help us pass the time seamlessly during a long drive.

During the warmer months of the year, we hope you and your loved ones are remaining healthy, and playing it safe on the road!

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