Top Ten Games to Play During A Road Trip

This past weekend I went on a road trip to Chicago. The ride ended up being about 6-7 hours long each way, which is a lot of time to fill… Of course many folks listen to music on their iPod’s, watch movies and some travelers even appreciate some good old fashion conversation. But, with all that time to fill, what else can travelers do to pass the time? Long car ride games, of course! provides a top ten list of the best road trip games to play while driving through The United States’ crossroads.

One of my favorites coming in at number seven on the list is “The Picnic Game,” in which one player begins with, “I went to a picnic and I brought…” The first player brings an item that starts with the letter A, such as apple. Then the next person repeats the same opening phrase and brings an item that starts with the letter B, such as banana. Then the next player brings something that starts with the letter C. Simple enough?

My favorite game that shockingly came in at number 10 is “Geography Lesson.” This is the game where a category is chosen by the players (I stink at geography so I usually play this game with celebrities) and the first player says the name of a state or whatever the chosen category is. The next player has to then name a state or celebrity that starts with the last letter of the previous players answer. If the first player starts the game with Ohio, the next player names a state that starts with O, like Oklahoma. The next player would then name a start starting with A, like Arizona and so on.

Next time you have some time to pass while on the road, turn down your iPod’s and try out one of these fun games!


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