Twitter Connects Pacers Fan and SafeAuto Insurance

It started with a humorous Tweet from Chris Munn, a Pacers fanatic, beer lover, and family man from Naptown, Indiana. He was watching his favorite NBA team on Fox Sports Indiana and continuously saw SafeAuto Insurance commercials featuring Norm Macdonald. He tweeted at the state minimum auto insurance company about the advertisement and to his delight, received an immediate tweet back from @SafeAuto.

“I was very surprised that SafeAuto answered,” stated Chris, AKA @Funntastic. “The fact that they respond to the social community in such a quick manner is neat.” Chris incorporated the hashtag #HiNorm on his initial tweet and numerous Pacers fans such as @Reggie_For_3, a Pacers season ticket holder, starting joining the Norm conversation on the popular micro blogging website.

SafeAuto encouraged Chris to create a Norm Macdonald sign to bring to the next Pacers home game he attended. On January 8th, the defending champion Miami Heat were in town and low and behold, Chris create a sign that said “Hi Norm,” with a hashtag promoting #SafeAuto. “SafeAuto wasn’t the only one encouraging me to make the sign,” said Chris. “I had pressure from other Pacers fans on Twitter so I did it! This started out with a fun Tweet and ended up turning into a pretty big deal.”

Since Chris helped promote SafeAuto and Norm Macdonald, the affordable car insurance company decided to reward him with a signed Norm Macdonald photo. “This is one of the more memorable social media stories,” Chris remarked. “SafeAuto has definitely gained a new follower for life! I as well as other Pacers fans will continue to tweet #HiNorm when SafeAuto commercials air during the games!” 

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