Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication | The Coolest Future Car Technology

We’ve all heard about the flying cars and even the cars that drive themselves, but here’s one car technology of the future that we’re hearing about for the first time and it’s literally blowing our mind: Cars that can talk to and communicate with other cars on the road. Mind blowing, right?

Car manufacturers and the government are seriously starting to look into and research technology that would enable cars to communicate with each other and with other objects around them.

An article on asks you to “Imagine approaching an intersection as another car runs a red light. You don’t see them at first, but your car gets a signal from the other car that it’s directly in your path and warns you of the potential collision, or even hits the brakes automatically to avoid an accident. A developing technology called Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication, or V2V, is being tested by automotive manufacturers like Ford as a way to help reduce the amount of accidents on the road.


Not only that, V2I, or vehicle-to-infrastructure communication is being tested as well. This would allow vehicles to communicate with things like road signs or traffic signals and provide information to the vehicle about safety issues and traffic information.”

Clearly, these technologies could transform the way we drive and increase safety on the road dramatically. This is one technology that we are very much looking forward to reading more about in the years to come.

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