Video Animation Whiz Gives ‘Do The Jingle’ Contest a Crack!

Andrew Samaniego, or Videosongman, as he calls himself, is a little different than many other Do the Jingle contestants in that this contest is his first stint in the music world. And, in addition to playing, singing, and recording his own music, he is also a whiz at illustration and video animation.

“This is my start in the music industry,” exclaims Andrew Samaniego. “And, everything in the video was hand drawn and then colored by me through one of my many software’s on my computer.”

While many of the artists in the SafeAuto Do the Jingle contest focus solely on their music ability and talent, Videosongman (the name totally makes sense!) has something else very unique and unusual that he’s brought to the table. “I’m a one man show and I do everything. Starring in a SafeAuto commercial would mean that I broke into the music industry.”

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