"VIP at the UFC" Winner Announced

SafeAuto is well aware that UFC fans are the most avid sports supporters in the world. The affordable car insurance company was blown away by the response to their “VIP at the UFC” Contest. The winner would receive airfare, hotel accommodations, amazing tickets and backstage access to the weigh-ins in Boston. An unforgettable trip to UFC Fight Night: Sonnen vs. Shogun in Beantown clearly had MMA fans pumped.


The “VIP at the UFC” Contest generated over 6,200 total entries from fight fans all across the United States. “I’m excited about coming back to Boston, No. 1, and No. 2 it’s a bad-ass weekend in Boston for sports,” said UFC President Dana White. While SafeAuto wishes they could reward all UFC fans with this amazing prize, only one winner could be selected.

The one person that might be more excited about the UFC coming back to Boston than Dana White is Jose Perez from Virginia. Perez was selected as the lucky winner of SafeAuto’s “VIP at the UFC” Contest. “My initial reaction when I found out I won was that there was no way this can be true, I thought it was a joke,” stated Perez.

Jose will be taking his wife, an avid UFC fan along for the ride. “On a scale of 1-10, I’m a 10 in terms of how big of a UFC fan I am,” said Perez. “My favorite memory of the UFC is when Georges St Pierre regained his title from Matt Serra in the second fight.”

Jose Perez and his wife, who he will be taking to Boston!

Jose Perez and his wife, who he will be taking to Boston!

Perez heard about the contest on UFC.com, when the Ultimate Fighting Championship promoted SafeAuto’s “VIP at the UFC” contest. “I was familiar with SafeAuto before the contest. I think these types of promotions is a great way for major companies like SafeAuto to touch basis with the community and market themselves.”

Comment below and congratulate Perez! We also want to hear about your favorite UFC memory of all time. Would you rank Georges St Pierre regaining his title from Matt Serra in your top 10?

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