Want to See a 20-Car Pileup? (Plus Tips for Driving on Ice)

Any sort of pileup is bad news for someone’s day. But a pileup on ice can get pretty hectic in a hurry. This video, shot by innocent bystander (and hilarious commentator) Ian Smith, then broadcast on CNN, shows an icy hill in Colorado Springs which claimed an incredible 20 cars in December. Watch the carnage, as it happens in slow motion:


Smith’s crash-by-crash commentary (“Not a good idea! Not a good idea at all!”) is the most entertaining thing we’ve seen on CNN in a long time – maybe he’s got a future as a weather correspondent?

There’s not much you can do when you find yourself sliding on ice, but here are some tips to keep in mind:


Don’t Slam On The Brakes

Pressing down firmly on your brakes in order to stop a skid on ice is not going to work. In the age of anti-lock brakes, you still might be better off trying to pump sporadically in order to gain traction.


Use Your Accelerator, Slightly

Trying to control your vehicle in slick conditions sometimes requires you to accelerate in order to gain control. Your wheels will not go anywhere when confronted by a situation that has no grip. Slightly using some gas is what may work.


Get Some Practice

Go out to a snowy parking lot and learn how to drive in slick conditions. This will teach you what to do in an untimely event. The more you know, the better off you will be should you be confronted with some really crappy conditions.


Don’t Panic!

Panicking only makes the situation worse. Try to remain calm when you start to lose control. Use the steps above to try and regain control. Tensing up always makes a situation worse than it really is.

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