Watch Out for These Cars: The Undercover Police Car Gallery

The undercover car is a very common tool that officers use to find and arrest traffic scofflaws. Even the smallest departments usually have at least one undercover vehicle. Still, we all know that one guy who insists he can spot the police a mile away, no matter what car they’re driving, so he can easily go 100 in a 65.

Want to bet? As a public service, we bring you a gallery of undercover cars to underscore a point; no matter how slick a speeder thinks he is… the police are a whole lot slicker.

Ford Mustang

Seem obvious? That’s only because the lights are flashing. Those lights are LEDs disguised to look exactly like the standard features on a late-model Ford Mustang. So until you see those red and blue flashers, you’ll probably have no idea it isn’t a standard muscle car. 

Undercover Lexus

This Lexus is actually a twofer in terms of fooling people: the lights simply disappear inside the grill when not activated, and it also happens to be one of the most popular colors for this model of Lexus. It’s fairly common for speeders to blow right past this nondescript luxury vehicle, only to find it pulling them over a minute later.

Undercover Taxi

Ontario police decided to get that much craftier with their undercover vehicles: they disguised an entire fleet of them as taxis commonly seen on the streets. This works partially because many taxi companies and police forces use the exact same model of car: it only takes minimal modifications to turn a former taxi into a police vehicle. Of course, if you climb in the back of this taxi, you’ll only be going to one location.

The Classic Crown Victoria

Many police forces still use the tried and true Crown Victoria, but it’s worth noting that they deploy them in a far different way, especially for catching speeders. Instead of hiding an official vehicle, many police forces will simply park an undercover Crown Vic in a parking lot near locations popular with speeders. That way, nobody will notice the speed trap and put it up on the Internet…at least until they’ve gotten caught in it.

Undercover SUV

Notice that the lights are hidden inside the windows? And that they’re on the sides in order to get the point across? Scofflaws should just be thankful this isn’t the usual marked police SUV. That’s designed to crash into other vehicles if absolutely necessary.

So, what can we learn from all these images? First and foremost, that the police know exactly what we’re looking for in an undercover vehicle, and proceed to avoid it as much as humanly possible. Secondly, that they choose cars that, for obvious reasons, will completely disappear to the average driver: neutral colors, popular models of cars, and so on.

But the most important lesson? Anybody who thinks they’re smarter than the police, especially when it comes to spotting speed traps and undercover cars, probably isn’t. So, play it safe, keep your auto insurance rates low, and be a respectful driver. After all, you never know who’s watching.

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